Double blow for The Orange Box PS3

Pspsps.tv writes: "All in all, things are looking pretty grim for the PS3 version. 1UP's recent preview is particularly cutting, revealing some staggering consistency problems in the game's framerate, which apparently is only meant to be running at a pathetic 30fps anyway. The blame for this – possibly unfairly – is going to fall on EA's shoulders. Valve palmed off the PS3 development to an internal EA team at an early stage so that it could concentrate on the more directly compatible 360 version."

Real gamer 4 life6034d ago

LOL i wasnt going to buy it anyways, i good right now with uncharted call of duty assasin creed and ut3 when its released.

jiggyjay6034d ago

sure is a lot of shooters on this console!

n_n6034d ago

i was going to get OB instead of UT but that's changed now. my money goes to the developers who work hard and CARE ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT and NOT about a console war. there's NO excuse in bringing out a bad product.

Infinity Ward
Free Radical
Naughty Dog
Ninja Theory

never complained about the ps3 architecture and they all produced amazing games with no problems. the fact that the cofounder of valve would spit out such hatred words from the get-go already sealed the fate for the ps3 version of OB. very unprofessional. seems like he cares more about the platform war than his own g*ddamn product and his companies reputation.

Bombomb6034d ago

So MS and the XBOX 360 can really get some EXCLUSIVES.

What a bag of Whinos this gen, Sony fans. That's gonna lead to bad relationship with developers and will come to MS's open arms.

Hopefully thats what happens..so the 360 becomes the next PS2.

continue to whine and cry.

fusionboxer6034d ago

Look. It's not about ps3 owners "whining" or "crying" it's about console owners as a whole realizing what a good product is and what a bad product is. The very point of the story is not to piss people off, but to inform us that the Orange box might not be up to the standards that most ps3 owners expected. This simple information means it'd simply be stupid for us to go out and by a faulty product not even created by the original developers.

Bethesda used the Cell to create a smoother and nicer looking Oblivion with very little complaints other then the disc read speed of blu ray. Did that stop them? If anyone is whining and crying its gabe newell from valve. I honestly don't think its very professional and it may just be me so I'm honestly sorry if that offends anyone, but comon. Be a soldier Gabe and work through the problems instead of running away from them.

hades076034d ago

....all you ever do is whine and complain. I have been coming to this site quite often lately to help me decide what games to buy (Assassin's Creed and COD4, both of which I love) and all I see is people posting comments to complain and whine like Zer0ne. Does Anybody know how to discuss a topic anymore sensibly.

SWORDF1SH6034d ago

i thought zerOne was reasonable in is comment. i thought he brought up issues that can be discussed and it seems your the one thats being retarded. it also seems you dont kno how to discuss a topic. so instead of whining at zerOne, tell him what you agree with and what you dont agree with in his comment and have a debate or discuss the issues he brought up.

CrazzyMan6034d ago

but i mus dissapoint you, with all GREAT exclsuive games, which will come in 2008, there will be no chance, for crappy quality products to sell on PS3.
People will just buy MGS4, Infamous, Getaway3, GT5, Wardewil, Gow3, KZ2, Resistance2, FFXIII, WKS, SO4, LBP and etc.
And if 3rd party developers will want to sell their games on PS3, they will have to make good quality products.

ofcourse, they could make good sales on x360 alone, but after 2008 they won`t be able to ignore 30 mln. ps3 sold worldwide. =)

And btw, ps3 has HDD as standart(hello mass effect and lifts), Blu-ray for spaces(hello mass effect 15h of main story), Free Online(hello 50$/per year, 300$ in 6 years) and strong Japanese and 1st-2md party developers support.

ben hates you6033d ago

as i've always said shut the hell up about things you don't own



Good one man, bubble for you! That's just it, If Gabe don't want to develop for PS3, just don't put the game on PS3. Stop whining, cause it's pathetic, many third party games was on Xbox and don't on PS2 and the other way around and nobody was pathetic crying that don't want to develop to some system but still making this and asking for our money.

wind_dragon6033d ago

boycott all the games that are internally developrd by EA. (how about that?)
I understand wat ur saying soup but EA needs to stop bullsh!tting PS3 owners with lower quality titles like:
(and others)
i say the trend needs to end, or else Activision will take their spot.

ravinash6033d ago (Edited 6033d ago )

And I'm not going to buy it for my 360 either.
If the Dev wants to do a half ass job of creating this product that that their business...but I'm not going to reward them for it.
It seems like the developers feel like they can send out any old junk these days and get away with it because the hype around it is so much that people will buy it anyway.
people invest good money into their console and they are the customer, so they should be treated with respect no matter what that console is.

Scrooge6033d ago

Common Sony fans, you can be adults about this. Listing off all the great games you can play instead of this doesn't keep it from being one of the greatest FPS's ever made. It's HL2! Even if it sucks for PS3 it's worth updating your PC just enough to play it. All the great games that sony has now can't make up for OB's loss, it's that good.

athlon7706033d ago

BomBomb, Hades07, Benisme, Scrooge: You guys need to buy a clue, or at least a vowel!

Benisme, WTF is your problem? "as i've always said shut the hell up about things you don't own". CrazyMan did not say one thing which was not true! Especially when he states "And if 3rd party developers will want to sell their games on PS3, they will have to make good quality products." Which is a very true statement across all consoles. So Benisme, how about you do us a favor and keep this discussion relevant or you can keep quiet!

For the rest of you saying crap about the PS3, well, maybe you are right, but in the same breath, how do you explain that there are so many great games, and yes I will even include multiplats, for the PS3, yet EA releases dud after dud. And you want me to support them, reward them, even praise them for releasing a shtty game for my console of choice? That is truly moronic! The other developers seem to have gotten their hands around the PS3, what is EA's issue? More to the point, what is your issue Bombomb? How about you Dades07? You guys seem to think that the OrangeBox is supposed to be a great system seller and the next best thing to sliced bread...the game is over 2yrs old with graphics that can be done on the PS2, and EA can't scrape up enough talent to make it correctly for the PS3? Whatever, Oh please EA, please release yet another POS game for a console you don't care to create for. Please release yet another half a$$ed attempt at a game that runs fine on last years console, but sucks on this years console.

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xhi46034d ago

if your a ps3 owner and want this crap to just stop, then boycott it. This is bullshit.

Get UT3 or Haze, don't let EA and Gabe screw around with us and a masterpiece, get it on PC if needed!

Leathersoup6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

If you want fewer companies to bother putting software out for the PS3, boycott anyone who has problems developing games for the system. That'll show them. It's not like these companies say... screw it... we're paying these employees to work on this software .... but we want to pay them for no reason... tell them to take their time working on their project so we can postpone making any money off of it.

In summary. If anyone has problems writing software for the PS3, make sure they don't bother to do so in the future by not buying the games.

Just another reason why this fanboy attitude is going to end up hurting the PS3 rather than help it.

Leathersoup6034d ago

The game that's being developed exclusively for the PS3?

xhi46034d ago

I see your point, and as valid as it is when is this going to stop?

It will stop when these companies that make shoddy ports etc. wake up and realise us consumers are not going to put up with sh*t like this, that us consumers have a choice in what quality of game we buy and deserve to receive.

Polluted6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

Good idea Leathersoup. We'll just buy up all the terrible ports and half assed, buggy games crappy devs like EA put out. Never mind all the decent games that are coming out or already have come out this past little while. If we all buy this terrible port of Orange Box instead of UT3 or something, then we can expect more quality titles from EA in the future. /end sarcasm.

What the hell are you talking about?

Also, the new Burnout is being developed by Criterion, not EA. EA is only publishing. And it's not PS3 exclusive, it's multi platform like all the Burnouts have been.

Ju6034d ago

I'm curious if all this (EA)sh!t will hurt Burnout. Would be a pity, but, well, either they get their sh!t fixed or EA will loose PS3 market shares (if they would ever care - probably not, and so won't I).

What I really want to know is, how EA works. How comes, that the Burnout team can deliver, while another one in the same company cannot. Lost communication in an overly huge "conglomerate" ?

ruibing6034d ago

I agree with this article on the following points:

1) Valve openly insulted the PS3 platform
2) Valve then handed it to an EA development team, either for economic reasons or as a further insult if you look at EA's track record on the PS3
3) 1Up's preview of the near final build showed a lot of performance issues
4) PSN still has not been graced with a demo

When we have problems like this from the pair, why should we buy this FPS when there are so many other good ones out there. Epic took the time and made UT3 available on the PS3 available in mid-December. Infinity Ward said they made sure to allocate some of their best programmers on the PS3 version. And a lot of PS3 owners still have not lost hope for Haze to be released in December as well.

Sure developers/publishers only make one dollar from every purchase we make, but this is one dollar they are not getting from me anytime soon.