Great…Famitsu Says PlayStation Vita Won’t Support PSOne Games At Launch

The Japanese gaming magazine says Sony's new portable won't provide access to your PSOne archives at launch. But is it only in Japan?

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Optical_Matrix2601d ago

Yeah but, as much as I love my PSOne classics, I'm not buying PS Vita to play 10 year old games. I'm buying it to play PS Vita games. I can wait for this. It's not like there'll be a lack of games to play when it launches.

Misterhbk2601d ago

We've already been over this people. Why do the same things keep getting posted. This was released by Sony a long time ago. Psone games are compatible.

'Q: Is PS Vita compatible with other PlayStation platform games like PS3, PS2, or PSP? Do you have any plan to support other PlayStation platforms in the future?
A: Users can play PSP titles, minis and PSone classics titles which are offered on PS Store. We do no have any plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point.'

morganfell2601d ago

"Why do the same things keep getting posted."

Fans of certain other hand held devices, or Sony haters in general need every shred of material, true or not, to try and punch holes in Vita's viability and worth.

crxss2600d ago


it's not a question on whether they'll be "compatible" but rather when they will be "released"... so not really the same thing.

LightofDarkness2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

There are also just overly excitable and neurotic fans, who immediately lose their minds when little things like this seem to go awry and begin preparing for the end times.

Not everything's a conspiracy against Sony, guy.

@disagree: Care to elaborate? Would you like to share your definitive proof of the international conspiracy against Sony and the Playstation 3 with the rest of the class? Or are you simply disagreeing because "u mad"?

NukaCola2600d ago

PS3 titles will beable to stream to Vita which has been shown.

PSN titles will work on both PS3 and Vita with cross platform features on some. Older PSN titles aren't determined to work or work the same yet, ie how sixaxis on vita could work with Flower.

PS One, PSP, and Mini titles will transfer to Vita.

PS2 Classics are unconfirmed but PS2 HD games as FFX HD and even Xbox/PC HD of Oddworld will work on Vita.

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jacksonmichael2601d ago

That's horrible! I love PSOne 'Donwloads!'

GribbleGrunger2601d ago

this is old news. Sony and devs will want to sell Vita games at launch. a few months later they'll probably include PS1 games. it makes sense

Wintersun6162601d ago

That's not true. Please read Misterhbk's post.

MrCrimson2600d ago

Probably bill us when they are finally supported too. I bought FF7 so many time I should own a fucking share of square enix by now.

2600d ago
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