PSN Version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Wasn’t The Original Plan

Upon Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s announcement, developer Valve confirmed the shooter would be heading to both Microsoft and Sony’s respective consoles. However, the original plan wasn’t to have a PSN release for the title; instead, it was intended for an XBLA launch.

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smurfz4596d ago

I'm glad Valve decided to do it. I might even pick it up since I always wanted to play Counter Strike.

evrfighter4596d ago

Hopefully you guys enjoy it. I've been playing cs on and off since 1.2. Sadly I'm all burned out on it. I think bf3 is going to be my last fps for a few years. unless they decide to try out frostbite 2 in battlefield 1944 or 2143.

Solidus187-SCMilk4596d ago

That was a great article for N4g, wow Im surprised.

It was actually really interesting. My favorite part was this:

"So when you’re playing it’s you against the other person and it’s not based on them getting three more kills previously so they have something they’re going to blow you up with, or they play a thousand more hours than you so they have a different weapon load-out. It’s about during that match, how you play is how you’re going to win or lose. "

Alot of people will not give CS on on consoles a chance because of this sadly. Im going to get it on PC, I think my PC can still handle source games pretty well. I love CS and CS source, so I may get this someday

jazzking20014596d ago

Good thing Valve decided to bring it over onto the PS3. Seemed only natural due to the Steam features.

Fishy Fingers4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Sounds like they're talking a good few years ago, so really it's no surprise as they'd only just started developing a relationship with Sony.

Wizziokid4596d ago

this was probably back when Valve hated the PS3, glad to see they came round, this is a day one for me, huge CS fan

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XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Deadlock looks like bioshock and Moba had babies

JunonZanon2d ago

Valve really cannot count to 3.

Number1TailzFan2d ago

They should've had a new L4D like 10 years ago, it can be expanded upon a lot more but they just left it collecting dust.. it was a good game for its time but L4D2 doesn't have nearly enough content these days to keep players engaged, and it needs a serious graphics upgrade

mastershredder2d ago

Nice bend at the knee there Gabe. Seriously? A quirky character arena shooter? This late into the me-too-shooter market? I thought you guys were so much better than that crap. Gabe must need a bigger yacht.