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quote: "King Arthur – The Role Playing Wargame (KA1) is on its last legs. The sequel, named “King Arthur II – The Role Playing Wargame” (KA2) has been announced and there are screenshots and a blog and lots of good buzz. So why would Paradox release this game, and why would anyone buy it?

First off, there is no official KA2 release date yet. The web site says Q4 2011, but who can really tell? It wouldn't be the first time a game was late, or the first time one was buggy upon release. In short, it could be a while before you get to play a new game set in the Arthurian world.

The selling point for “King Arthur - Fallen Champions” (FC) is that it is sort of a bridge between KA1 and KA2. It is not clear exactly in what sense this expansion bridges the two full games. The graphics technology does not seem to have advanced that far and the gameplay is pretty much the same as KA1. Perhaps the stories are meant to serve as an intro to the KA2 campaign."

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