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PSU's Top Games to get you through Thanksgiving

Let's face it-Thanksgiving sucks. Sure, stuffing your face full of turkey, potatoes, stuffing and Mama's delectable apple pie is always fun, but sitting around the house with all your in-laws and extended family members sucks harder than Superman 64. To get you through turkey time, you're going to need to blow off steam by playing some games-but with all these relatives around, how are you going to do that? Don't worry, PSU has got you covered.

Thanksgiving could dash any chance for you and your PS3 having some of that "special" time together. The solution is simple! Get your relatives to play with you! While it is hard to imagine sharing your gaming goodness amongst these…people…it's your best excuse to get your gaming on while they're over, so suck it up nancy boy and deal with it. Chronicled below are some of the best multiplayer games on the PS3 for you and yours to play before and after you all fatten up.

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sa_nick3982d ago

RB in top spot where it should be. Niiiice

SuicidalTendencies3982d ago

Why is this listed on every section? This should be PS3 only.


Thanksgiving sux ?!? WHAT ?!?

I've got 3 brand new games & 4 days off thanks to Thanksgiving !!! And I still won't have enough time this weekeend to play through HALF of Mass Effect !!!

If I had a PS3, I'd fire up some Uncharted too ! Happy Turkey Day folks !