Marooners' Rock Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy HD (PSN)

Chris writes: "Sam Fisher is pretty badass. This has been established over the years through his various adventures and exploits. From silently taking out elite forces to doing splits to support his entire body weight above the field of vision of said elite forces, Sam is the kind of guy you would want at your back if things got real. Now, his first three adventures return in a graphically updated HD triple pack, the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy HD collection."

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Ares84HU4164d ago

Release it on a blu-ray damn it!!!!!!!

Bathyj4164d ago

It has in Australia.

Not that I'll be getting it, with no Y axis patch.

I was so looking forward to this too, but now I'd rather pop the originals in my Xbox that get these.


Ares84HU4164d ago

Not in the USA. Only on PSN here.

ME19894164d ago

I have it on blu ray...I live in Florida. Go to Gamestop, can get it anywhere...

I got mine from the Gamestop near my house.

jut4204164d ago

Yeah, I live in NY and I bought this game on blu ray from gamestop. I've also seen copies at my local best buy

SJPFTW4164d ago

i just want to download a standalone Chaos Theory off PSN. best stealth game ever bar none

Hellbound19784164d ago

This collection HAS been out on Blu-ray in the US for about a month now.