Final Fantasy Type-0's Slightly Odd Disc Swap Scheme

Andriasang: Final Fantasy Type-0 ships on two UMDs. Once you've finished the first disc, you'd better hold off on giving it to your little brother (who also for some reason reads Japanese), as you're going to need it to complete the game.

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jacksonmichael2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Well that's kind of weird. Good to hear there is a new game plus. So glad I replaced my bricked PSP.

Edit: I hear a lot of talk about this potentially being a Vita title as well... I think that if that happens, it might as well just come out on the PS3, as well. If God of War can do it, why can't Type-O?

Godmars2902643d ago

Especially when Sony is suppose to have tools to convert titles between the two systems.

Pretty sure they intend to make the Vita a general transitional platform. A kind of bride from the PS3 to PS4, as well as from the PSP to Vita and PS3.

darfreeze2643d ago

I would be very glad if this comes to the West as a launch title for the Vita without those weird Disc Swapping.

banjadude2643d ago

Going to be honest here, this is [probably] the strangest thing I've ever heard of (in terms of gaming). I'm guessing the first UMD will be heavy on the CGI cut-scenes (since it says it's for the prologue, first chapter and last chapter); and the second disc is less CGI intensive?

Blaine2643d ago

My guess is it's story related, but not just CGI. Some of the areas (towns, dungeons, etc.) may only be on one disc and the story has you returning to these areas on Disc 1 after you're finished with Disc 2.

Neo Nugget2643d ago

Wonder if they'll have this on the PS store as one file?

Blaine2643d ago

They better. I WANT this on my Go. And Crisis Core, damn it!

dreman9992643d ago

Bioware did something like this with ME2.

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