Head2Head: Battlefield 3 Screenshot Comparison [Lens of Truth]

Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we finally get the chance to put the most anticipated multiplatform game of the year under our lens, and that of course is Battlefield 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!

Battlefield 3 is truly the first of its kind on consoles, actually requiring a separate install of a “HD texture pack” for improved visuals. So improved in fact, DICE has even referred to the game without the texture pack installed as the “standard-def version”. However, for those interested be sure to check back soon to see our screenshot comparison of the Xbox 360 version with and without the HD texture pack installed. Now, without further hesitation, lets get to the battlefield!

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RudeSole Devil3560d ago

Nice Finally a real comparison of the two console retail versions.

aceitman3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

they think there slick to compare ps3 without texture pack and 360 with look at the pics with the apple and beer cant read eye on ps3 but 360 is clear as day . i saw a pic before and after for the texture pack and the 360 looked the same way couldnt read it so now there saying the ps3 is that bad . i call bs .

Paradicia3560d ago

The PS3 version has a mandatory install. The HD pack is already included on the disc, by default.

Nitrowolf23560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Are you talking about the elevator picture?

strange I agree. LoT one looks better, but that lighting is the same as the 360 non install pack.

InfectedDK3560d ago

I cannot tell the difference on theese pics, only the posters of the apple and beer.. They are blurry on the PS3 version somehow.. Dunno if this is real or what.. But who the f... cares.. I only got a PS3 so I'll get Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3.. No CoD this time however I'm a huge fan of Black Ops and play it the most of all my games atm.. Actually it's almost the only game I play atm.. Nearly an hour a day I guess.. But this time it'll be Battlefield 3. I looove the Uncharted Series so much so those two games are mine soon weehuu. Graphics is awsome.

deadpoole3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

This little comparison shows that Xbox 360 is having texture issues ... textures are same on Xbox 360 in case of HD and Without HD pack installation whereas PS3 is sharp, clear and high resolution. (Not sure if its the texture loading issue in Xbox 360 or in both consoles as LOT pictures says otherwise.)

Check videos out yourself to see the difference as these pictures also gives the title of the videos on youtube used for comparison.

Check this comparison picture yourself.

PS3 vs Xbox 360 (HD Pack Installed) vs Xbox 360 (Without HD Pack)

ambientFLIER3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

"they think there slick to compare ps3 without texture pack and 360 with look at the pics with the apple and beer cant read eye on ps3 but 360 is clear as day . i saw a pic before and after for the texture pack and the 360 looked the same way couldnt read it so now there saying the ps3 is that bad . i call bs ."

Haha, aceitman, you idiot...PS3's texture pack is mandatory, there is NO option to not install it. Nice try... The 14 agrees on your post are SAD!

BattleAxe3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Looks like we got screwed over once again by EA/DICE.....unless they make the apple poster and the beer can more crisp and clear looking like the 360 version in the next patch, I'm not buying this.

evrfighter3560d ago

told you morganfell. graphics are indeed a major issue even with console gamers this article will is proving and will prove it.

Pixel_Enemy3560d ago

Holy crap I call party foul. I am playing the game right now on my PS3 and it doesn't look anything like the screens LOT is showing. Fucking bullshit that they try to pass this off as how the game looks

nveenio3560d ago

The benefit to being where we are right now is that, if the PS3 DOES look that bad, it doesn't reflect poorly on the PS3. It reflects poorly on the developers.

I call that a benefit, but its only a saving grace. In reality, gamers lose if devs perform so poorly.

Heartnet3560d ago

website is shit.. lags on scroll.. didnt even get to see pics.. but yeh xbox looked a ton better

A-Glorious-Dawn3560d ago


watch this and tell me they have RGB enabled...


ikkokucrisis3559d ago


Another great job by Lens of Trash!!

Perjoss3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Nothing new, its not a rare thing to see a multiplat game look and/or perform a bit better on the xbox. PS3 has the better exclusives, xbox has the better multi platform games. This is why its great to own both consoles, and a nice PC too if you can afford it :)

Grandclover3559d ago

I feel kinda bad for the morons who actual take "lens of truth" as "truth" I have looked at several of there comparisons over the years and never and i mean never have there images looked like what my TV was showing. I own both consoles but im not paying for online play so i use the xbox for its few exlusives that i really love. Point is ive had buddies come over with there xbox copy of bf3 and ive had my ps3 bf3 since midnight and there was no differance. I switched from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 and didn't see any "streaming issues" on the PS3 or "texture issues" on the xbox. Im getting so sick of them even trying to do this. All they do is flare up the fanboys and i have to hit my head on the fact that i have zero faith in the lens. I'd love to know what TV they capture there images from or what settings they have on it? I always smell somthing fishy with those people and i honestly think they don't have a clue what there talking about.

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Paradicia3560d ago

The textures really shine through on the 360 version. Streaming seems to be an issue with the PS3 version, which is unfortunate. Remember kids, I'm just going by what LoS have said in the comparison.

Other than that they seem pretty much on par. It's good to see that DICE put just as much effort into making the console versions just as pretty as the PC version.

TheBossMan3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

On the contrary, I don't understand them knocking the textures of the PS3 version when it's obviously apparent that it has a motion blur (depth of field) effect that the 360 variant lacks entirely. If I remember correctly, this feature on games such as Enslaved was only present on the 360 version and the LoT staff was raving about it and deducting PS3 graphics points because of it, while here they seem to be hypocritically backtracking and just propping up the 360 if and whenever possible.

Motion / DOF effects on 360 = Advantage for special effects

Motion / DOF effects on PS3 = Disadvantage for poor textures

That's bullshit.

Nitrowolf23560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

WTF PS3 Looks Ugly in that second shot. Is there even an HD texture pack on PS3 or what?
Other wise I say they look close in the other pictures

@ Below

Yeah I know that, but this picture is the 360 Version without the install

I find it odd that the lighting of the PS3 version is the same as the non install HD 360 version

BattleTorn3560d ago

PS3's mandatory 2gb install = HD texture pack

deadpoole3560d ago

Im seriously not sure about texture pack for ps3 is installed or not because I haven't got it yet ... but it looks like both consoles are havin texture streamin issues if we have look at the following picture it show X360 is also having texture issues whereas PS3 texture are high resolution.

Comparison: PS3 vs Xbox 360 (HD Pack Installed) vs Xbox 360 (Without HD Pack)

Solidus187-SCMilk3560d ago

in regards to the lighting, they mention on LOT comparison that it is dynamic. So I think that means that it has flashing lights and stuff and may not be captured with the same lighting because it is constantly changing in the game.

thaking1553560d ago

I Call bull on this comparison!!! I understand shading difference but blurry on the ps3 side while the 360 is crisp in most of the pics that show the hand holding a gun. Am I the only one who sees this????

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Solid_Snake-3560d ago

the 360 looks better out of the consoles in my eyes :-)

kikizoo3559d ago

even planet xbox say : "the PS3 does appear to be the most capable of reaching proximity with the PC despite reaching a 720p resolution as opposed to the 360’s 1080p resolution."

so, lol.

lens of lies are never serious, they are just a bunch of fanboyz satisfying other believers fanboyz (with imaginary superior versions, they try to forget all great, and the best, exclusives they can't play)

Jayjayff3560d ago

i am freaking confuse sometimes the ps3 one looks sharper but then in others the lighting seems to messed up and the one with the streaming issue is fishy as hell.

no_more_trolling3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )


360 version is so much better
after all this bashing


i guess ill be playing the only HD version on console lol

kcuthbertson3559d ago

Wow that is sooo funny...

I guess I'll be playing on PC
The only real HD version.


Good one right?

kikizoo3559d ago

ahahaha even planet xbox says :

"the PS3 does appear to be the most capable of reaching proximity with the PC despite reaching a 720p resolution as opposed to the 360’s 1080p resolution."

another proof that lot is worst than a biased xbox blog.

zeddy3559d ago

looks pretty much similar. not that it matters anyway im getting uncharted.

okmrman3559d ago

run and cry to uncharted

popup3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

It may be okay to mention that the PS3 version streams the high-res textures in slower than the 360 as part of a narrative comparison but what is the point of taking the PS3 screens for comparison when they have not finished loading the textures? We get it! Now show us a graphics comparison!

It's like saying that the 360 version loads the game quicker and then showing the title screen of the 360 version next to a 'Loading.....' screen on the PS3 as a comparison.

I got more worthwhile info from the 720p Youtube clip!

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Pandamobile3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

360 version seems to have better textures in places, but the PS3 version has better lighting.


wait, maybe that's just variation in the scene lighting.

Paradicia3560d ago

I believe that's down to the dynamic lighting, as noted underneath that particular screenshot.

Statix3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

This is an absolutely horrible screenshot comparison. All the screenshots are heavily compressed and blurry. I have to squint to make out the details because the screens aren't even full HD!

In every HD video and screenshot I've seen, the PS3 version has significantly better anti-aliasing by virtue of its MLAA (the 360 version has significantly more jaggies; probably using an edge-AA method). However, all these screenshots are downsized, so you can't even SEE the details or jaggies!

I'll wait for a TRUE, high-quality image comparison by Digital Foundry before I jump to conclusions.

A-Glorious-Dawn3560d ago

yeah DF is the only place to go for comparisons, do a little research LOT lost credibility a while ago for me..

BaneWilliams3559d ago

Is there some kind of shadow issue going on in the fourth screenshot on the 2nd page? PS3's shadows look... strange in comparison?

Unless the light is swinging overhead or something, which could explain that, but otherwise that's really bizarre.

humbleopinion3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

@Statix, you can extract the large images from the page source:

But as you can see, it's the PS3 which has significantly more jaggies. This is easily observable on the building edges on the right as well as the small plant on the left. There goes your theory I guess...

Optical_Matrix3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Does the PS3 version not get HD Textures as well? oh dear

How come the textures look worse on the PS3? Unless I'm missing something.

SJPFTW3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

takes a bit longer to stream so the textures

Raider693560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

The PS3 textures in that part are still loading!I have been playing the game and this texture loading issues happen on the PS3 and also on the 360!Some textures actually take a lot of time to load that on the 360 version i has thinking a hadn't the pack install too,but them i stick in that place sometimes more than 15 to 20seconds for the textures to load completely!Its not just a PS3 problem,,the textures streaming is bad coded in the two systems.Sand bags,boxes,bilboards,street writting tags...sometimes take a lot of time to load the textures.Frankly if you dont look for this faults,you will will have a blast with the action on this game,but if you are a picky person that is constant looking for faults or bugs,you will end not enjoying this marvellous game.

RegorL3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I wonder if you can replace the PS3 hard drive with an SSD to reduce search time and rotational latency.

Replace like this

Hmm.. should be possible! Searching...
Yes it has been done! Several times - one of the latest

With a game that streams from disk, like BF3, there could be a nice improvement...

Any willing testers out there?

EDIT: PC gamers, heading your way...

RegorL3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

A note on what drives would be suitable to test.

PS3 controller is the first generation of SATA interfaces. Meaning that its transfer speed can not exceed 150 MB/s i.e. there is little need to select the currently fastest SATA out there - go for size instead.

Studying, for examples (there might be other disks out there fitting these requirements even better)
Crucial m4 128 GB $200
Intel SSD 320 160 GB $285
OCZ Agility 2 240 GB $320


Another cheaper alternative especially at size
- 7200 rpm disks
- 10000 rpm disks... (heating issues? noice?)
Faster than the original 5400rpm by reducing rotational delay but still being able to fill the 150 MB/s pipe.

RegorL3559d ago

More about upgrading to rotational disks...
(Note information that PS3 40 GB has a very bad disk!)

Gamer30003560d ago

looks the same with ps3 have better lighting plus extra bloom while xbox version seem to load the textures faster
a bit
that's it