Is The First Gears of War 3 DLC Pack Already On The Disk? writes: It feels like we have discussed this in the past. We have received a few tips to the tip line, and thought we would roll with it. Some folks are telling us that the first DLC update is actually on the disk that you already own. If true, your download code on the day of DLC release will be very small in size as compared to most DLC packs, which are in the hundreds of megs in size related to the download. What we don’t understand is if a publisher is able to create the content and get it on the retail copy of the game, why are people being charged extra? We see the point of DLC, we really do, $$$$. but players should not have to pay extra for content thats shipped already on the disk.

What are your feelings?

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JohnApocalypse2644d ago

Yes they did. I remember seeing one of the DLC maps in a the horde 2.0 trailer and the DLC characters got leaked online a few days before the game shipped

Old McGroin2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Just because a map was shown in a trailer doesn't necessarily mean it is on the disc and if the DLC characters were leaked online as individual downloads it doesn't mean they were already on the disc. If the characters could be unlocked in the leaked copy of the entire game without seperate downloads then it would mean they were on the disc.

Still though, it wouldn't surprise me if you were right, seems to be the norm nowadays for creators of videogames to hold back already finished parts of games to make a bit more money out of it. I wouldn't hold it against them, people seem to take these issues so personally (not you JohnApocalypse, people in general!) they're not our friends, just people trying to make a bit of cash, and if that extra revenue ensures that the next installment of whatever game is in question gets made then I'm all for it, I mightn't like it but that's business for ya!

morganfell2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

From the article:

"Some folks are telling us that the first DLC update is actually on the disk that you already own."

Who are some folks? Can you say attention whore? This barely one paragraph article, with absolutely zero substantiating evidence, seems more like a cry for hits and an attempt to stir the pot than it does a relevant, interesting piece of game journalism.

So what is the DLC was on the disc? Would it be better if the DLC was left off and then you had to download it?

If that is the case then gamers are simply going through the motions (and inconvenience) of a web download in order to soothe themselves psychologically that they were not ripped off. Basically, people with such a mindset prefer a different lie so they so not feel as if they were lied to.

When a game is as complete and polished as Gears of War 3 there should not be an issue if the DLC is included on the disc. Between the campaign, full co-op, remarkable multiplayer, and Horde mode the game already offers far more than the standard fare of most titles.

Sexual_Hrrsmnt_Panda2644d ago


I agree with nearly everything you say but you can never justify making people pay to unlock shit that they physically own on the disk already. That's just plain dirty, it's not DLC then.


This is why people pirate. Not saying that devs holding back finished parts of the game to sell as DLC is right either...

jetlian2644d ago

most likely! they have stats for 3 maps and rockets which none are in the game till the 1st dlc.

MasterD9192644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

You can go to youtube and already see the matches that were running on those maps...someone got into them already which means they ARE on the disc.

Even more disturbing is that these will be played in versus mode for FREE down the road but they charge for the horde mode + new features.

The next DLC after this is strictly campaign. Where are the REAL new maps?

jetlian2643d ago

the host can allow people who don't have the dlc to try it out but its not forever

MasterD9192643d ago

You are right. I do remember reading that...but I'm still hoping that there will be plenty of meaty DLC maps instead of new additions to horde mode or campaign stuff...Not that I don't enjoy that but I thought the point of a season pass was mainly for maps.

As it stands- I could have probably done without the season pass. But if the last 2 packs are all MP maps then I'll be happy.

jetlian2643d ago

sure epic has plenty of maps ready. they probable have atleast 15 total if not more. Only thing is I hope theres not alot of old maps.

Either way I already got the season pass

sickshot692643d ago

The first DLC is already in the game

VTKC2642d ago

It seems Capcom has started a trend. A trend that I and possibley alot of gamers are not fond of.