Zelda Skyward Sword is easier than Ocarina Of Time

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword is easier than Ocarina Of Time and Twilight Princess according to ONM. Yet with 70+ hours of gameplay, does this matter? ONM ask the question...

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giancarmen2554d ago

I don't care,i just want to play it.

Warshade2554d ago

Makes sense, with the new control scheme there will be a large learning curve.

Tanir2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

NOT AGAIN.......freakin only prob with zelda games, too damn easy. come on my bro beat OoT 3 times without dying and he was 5.....skyward is even easier.....greeeeat.

w/e still fun. least its 70 hours unlike OoT being 15 hours

Edit @The EatingVodka

ummmm dunno how slow you played it but yes it was 15-20 hours. even faster when you play it the 2nd time ofcourse.

you barley have to fight any enemies unless you need a key or its a boss.

unless you were just proceeding slowly and pacing yourself dunno how you got more than 20 hours

TheEatingVodka2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

What? Lol.. OOT wasn't 15 hours

edit: Well yeah I did take it all slowly cause I don't like to rush the game..
I talk to every person I meet, listen to the music etc

zerocrossing2554d ago

Well the franchise damn well doesn't need to be any easier that's for sure O.o though I suspect the new battle system will add a degree of skill and challenge to the mix.

70+ hours is a big plus though, so hopefully the game makes up for any shortcomings with content.

Eamon2554d ago

Ocarina of Time was definitely like 15 hours.

Wind Waker was around 20 hours.

Twilight Princess was around 30 hours.

LoaMcLoa2554d ago

IMO OoT was waay hard for me x) As soon as I came to the water temple I was like: "Errr! F'ck it!"

So this is a plus for me!

Tanir2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

your comment is whats wrong with gaming lately -_-

to many easy games, and the softening of games that had some challenge.

OoT was easy as takin a crap for a 1 year old on a prune juice diet.

game is fun, flows well, makes you think for a milisecond but thats all.

i hate how easy they made mario and metroid games, but now they are making zelda even easier.....points off already for me. hopefully everything else makes up for those points.....but challenge is key to me in any game.

doesnt mean it has to be dark souls difficult, i just dont want it to feel like im watching sesame street at 26 years old......easy games make me feel dumb and like the dev has no faith in my skills

[email protected]_Medulla

and people like you who cant take other peoples opinions are the type of people who dont get along with others well. we are different people, we have different opinions. get over it. if i said the game is too easy and he has trouble with it so what? i didnt insult him, some people know they struggle in certain areas, i admit when im wrong or weak.

get over yourself lol, wow

Jacks_Medulla2554d ago

Your comment is what's wrong with gaming as of late; too many judgmental pricks.

LoaMcLoa2554d ago

Oh yeah? Well, that's like... you know.. Your opinion, man.

I do like a challenge, but just not for an adventure-game.. I prefer a more fluid, straight-forward gameplay when it comes to that.

But I'm not saying that they should change the formula, or the game in any way for that matter. I just find the easier difficulty for a new game to be more appealing for me.

Eamon2554d ago

Umm, I completely disagree with the author of this article.

I played the Ghirahim boss battle and it was one of the hardest boss battles in all the Zelda games I've played.

And we can be sure that this boss battle is probably one of the easier ones in Skyward Sword.

K922553d ago

My brother played the Ghirahim boss battle as well, and he said the exact same thing as you.

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