1UP: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

Uncharted 3 doesn't reinvent the wheel after 2009's superb game of the year, but manages to present its own set of unique moments and gameplay. The player-driven action sequences are memorable. The subtle layers of dialogue and character interactions are impressive. And ultimately, the eight-hour campaign experience provided plenty of harrowing escapes and charm. And after all that you've still got a competent multiplayer experience packed in too. Developer Naughty Dog continues to prove they are masters of their craft, and the third chapter of Uncharted is a fun and rewarding adventure that's easily one of the best games this year.

Dante1124421d ago

UC3 is doing pretty well. I HAVE to buy this game.

evilunklebud4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

Yeah, it is shaping up to go for GOTY with Batman at this point. I want both.

93 on Meta... !

Shazz4421d ago

naughty dog have done it again , hope this game ends up with even more sales than uncharted 2 did coz its deserves huge sales

GribbleGrunger4421d ago

ok, so the reviews are excellent but i'm just wondering why it is that with nearly every PS3 exclusive the 'doesn't reinvent the wheel' statement appears in one form or another and yet when it comes to 360 exclusives such as gears or halo the comments are: 'if it's not broken don't fix it'

still happy with the reviews though, i'm just interested in knowing why that happens

Marceles4421d ago

Exactly what I was gonna say...a PS3 exclusive has to reinvent the wheel, while the 360 just has to be "the same game we all know and love! A+!"

baodeus4421d ago

I like 1Up reviews. This game is excellent.

I think they always give credit to game that came up with something first which still counts for the sequal perhaps.
CoD: MP perks
Gears: MP mode like horde mode/beast mode (though i'm thinking they have been doing this for years for 2D fighting game like capcom vs. snk)
Halo: MP match making system (not too sure about this one, were there match making before it on PC? don't know much about FPS really.)

UC is a really polish games, but that what it is, take element from other games/movies, polish it to death and make a stellar fun, engaging, and story driven game out of it.


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Profchaos759d ago

It's about retirement...oh wait

UNCHARTED2FANATIC759d ago (Edited 759d ago )

I cant even say what the point was its easily the worst story in the series. The online was a whole lot of fun though but overall doesn't come even close to 2

porkChop759d ago (Edited 759d ago )

It was a step back for sure. Personally, I thought even the MP was way better in U2. Solid game, glad I played it. I just think they didn't push as hard as they did with U2.


Yes both the online and story was better in 2 no doubt

Flewid638758d ago

The "young Drake" portion was pretty top notch, story-wise. But yeah, everything outside of that I felt was inferior.

DanielEndurance759d ago

Villains were all over the place in this… one second they wanted Drake dead, the next they needed him, then they want him dead again, then they coulda killed him, but poisoned his friend instead, then coulda shot him again, but had brunch with him, then needed him alive, then coulda mowed him down, but decided to kill him by fire and let him escape… Uncharted 2 was way better. 😅😅

slowgamer759d ago

=D Sounds crazy. I don't remember any of that. Played it on ps3 and I remember thinking that why was this game so bashed compared to second one. I liked it.

Chocoburger758d ago (Edited 758d ago )

Another thing that annoyed me about UC3 events was the agent Talbot teleporting around Turkey. It just felt off to me, and made no sense.

Also, for about one third of the game, you go on a wild goose chase to rescue Sully, who wasn't even there to be rescued, and you end up back where you started again. There was simply no pay off for all the events you go through, so it fell flat in that regard as if they couldn't figure out how to make the game longer, so they decided to side-track you to do something with no pay off, hoping you wouldn't notice due to all the incredible action set pieces they made.

Overall though, even with its flaws, I still enjoy the game.

TheEnigma313758d ago

This was actually my least favorite in the series. Didn't have that same impact that part 2 set.

Flewid638758d ago

Uncharted 2 is the pinnacle of the series (to me).

Granted, 4 had the best story in my opinion, but 2 was the overall best game.

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SullysCigar759d ago

When arguably the weakest game in the series is still awesome and more fun than most games today, you know you're onto a winner!

coolbeans759d ago

I'd extend "arguably" before awesome too. Many technically demanding scenes were jaw-dropping for the time, but it's tough to ignore the sub-par context propelling the action forward.

SullysCigar759d ago

Tough for you, perhaps, and that's fine. I enjoyed it very much. Perhaps a little less than the others in the series, but then the bar is extremely high.

I remember being blown away by the water and sand tech in U3 for the time too. It certainly was a visual treat!

LucasRuinedChildhood759d ago (Edited 759d ago )

It is very good, but when I originally played Uncharted 3 it was the most disappointed I'd ever been in a video-game because Uncharted 2 was just that good. I enjoyed 3 much more when I replayed it in the Nathan Drake Collection though. I could just enjoy it for what it is and accept that it's not Uncharted 2 - it's not a roller coaster, and it doesn't balance and rotate between action, puzzles, platforming and set-pieces in the same way.

Uncharted 3's gameplay is a bit more compartmentalized and focused on one thing at a time. I'm not surprised the scrapped version of Uncharted 4 was going to have no gunplay for the first half. It's also paced much differently - it takes a long time to get to the notable set-pieces. Uncharted 2 is insane from Nepal onwards which is about an hour into the game. haha.

I did like the introduction of chase sequences, and I love first hour (bar fight, young Drake) and from the airplane sequence onwards but I just think the rest of it just sort of meanders along without as much purpose as 2.

When it comes to the script, you can feel the absence of Neil Druckmann and Josh Scherr (writer on every other console Uncharted game). Drake gets hit in the face, and the game goes on a random side plot for an hour to give you some boat set-pieces. He then washes up on a beach close to where Elena is staying to get you back to the real plot. Drake just says "How convenient" to try make you laugh off how sloppy the plot got.

In retrospect, I'm not sure if Naughty Dog were ready to work on 2 different games at once. 3 clearly had production issues that 1 and 2 didn't have, and Hennig's version of 4 didn't work out. They had to crunch so hard to get the rebooted version done on time that Bruce Straley gave up making video-games.

coolbeans759d ago

I'll give you some props for the extra analysis. I remember Druckmann climbing his way to a writer spot in UC2, but wasn't aware of Josh Scherr. I didn't know that was the reason for Straley's departure either. That's pretty damn rough.

GhostofHorizon759d ago

They had to make some weird choices as far as story went because the actor for Cutter had to bail which left a few holes in the story.

Uncharted is one of my favourite series and while the leap from 2 to 3 was not nearly as big as the leap from 1 to 2, I think it was an amazing experience none the less.

coolbeans759d ago

Graham McTavish's departure wasn't easy, but I don't think that would fix many holes tbh. Because the main issue to consider is the precarious mindset Naughty Dog was operating on: an increased emphasis in set pieces that HAD to go in and worrying about the context later.

Petebloodyonion759d ago

I really liked part 3 ( Among Thieves is still the best in my opinion) My only complaint was the interactions with the villains and how they were a missed opportunity, Linda MacMahon (Marlowe) was an interesting antagonist due to the history with Sully and Nate but it fails basically flat especially with her ending. And I couldn't care about Navaro 2.0.

What I did love and made me care was Cutter, in the short time he was in the game you could feel that the guy was a good treasure hunter for example when he pulled his own notebook with the clues he founds so the team can escape a room.
It was a small touch that add a lot to the character.