JVN Review of Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception

The review of the upcoming game Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception by JVN !


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Adolph Fitler3253d ago

It seems 9.5-10 is the average score of this game (which isn't surprising)...the game looks & obviously plays, feels & sounds incredible. No doubts that this was ever going into my collection from day 1. Naughty Dog rule.
As for Edge giving the new Zelda a 10 & UC3 a 9.....well, there's no way UC3 deserves anything below 9.5, & thats not PS3 fanboyism talking, that is game fanboyism talking, & Edge should have scored both games a 10, or both a 9. I know it's just an opinion & such, but it is supposed to be a more subjective opinion. Something just seems a little off, when a game like Unchartered 3 that is without equal in it's genre, is scored down by a point, while another game, which I'll assume is awesome & at the top of it's genre also, gets the top score. Both games are absolute masterpieces & without peer, so why not score both accordingly. Especially considering UC3 has the added benefit of adding longevity after the solo experience with a co-op campaign to play through with friends, or awesome, straight out multiplayer versus.

I think we'll see many sites score the game down a wee bit, not so much as to draw too much attention, just that little bit, so the score is still high so anyone that says anything will be made to look stupid for complaining about a 8.5 or a 9....this will also ensure that the average score on metacritic & such, stays below GeOW3.