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quote from review: "The first White Knight Chronicles game had the unfortunate fate of coming out just a month before Square Enix's behemoth, Final Fantasy XIII. This in turn caused a lot of people to hold off picking up what was a slightly above average RPG, so it seems only fitting that D3 Publisher would pack in the original game with its sequel, White Knight Chronicles 2. That's right, you're getting two slightly above average games for the price of one. Which is cool, but also unfortunate because I was hoping that Level-5 would be able to address some of the problems I had with the first game, but instead you're left with a game that provides a direct sequel to the first game, flaws and all."

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Tdmd2554d ago

The most underrated game of the season...

forevercloud30002554d ago

I am playing this game as we speak and I love it honestly. Does it have some flaws? God YES!!! But for what it does offer it is unmatched. The online is ace and customization is very cool. Very rich and rewarding game in the gameplay department. Its the story that is lacking. The only other gripe i have with WKCII is that it recycles a lot of the old areas from the first instead of making new ones. Hope that changes later on tho.

Tdmd2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Unfortunately, I doubt very much there will ever be a "later on". The game didn't sold very well (in west at least) and L5 already told that this would be the criteria to whether there would be an WKC3 or not.

But I'm with you. Kind of disappointing to see there's only two new areas to explore. And so far, at GR19, there's only one (horrible) quest in one of those new areas. I was expecting that at the very least, it would be rich with new quests to the point we would get sick of it.

Still, an awesome awesome game that ANY jrpg fan would enjoy.

2553d ago
maniacmayhem2553d ago

Funny how n4g still gets reviews incoming for this game.