What can Atmosphere add to a Game?

Tell us what atmosphere in a game can add to your experience. In this article, I'll reference several games and their knack to engross the player.

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kefkah4242d ago

If you are not drawn into the world, then you are only watching it and thus not really interested. I like forgetting who I am and where I am when I play a game so that I live in that setting. Atmosphere is a key element in this process.

BrightFalls764242d ago

Look at a game like Limbo. So simple but the atmosphere is what took a smart puzzle game and made it something amazing.

mpettit914242d ago

I agree. On that same note; another arcade game, Bastion, reeled me in with its atmosphere. The beautiful hand-drawn environments and story were enough to keep me interested.

Hockeydud194242d ago

Metro 2033, Bioshock, LIMBO and Dead Space all have superb atmosphere.

iNcRiMiNaTi4242d ago

Everything. Look at Resident Evil 5 and then the older RE games, especially the gamecube remake. Same series, different feel

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