Comparison Video: Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs. Battlefield 3

Velocity Gamer: In this video, we show you the immense graphical improvements that the Frostbite 2 Engine is capable of rendering. Though both games look great, it's quite obvious which one comes out on top.

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WorldGamer3263d ago

Both look great, and I believe that BF3 provides a great amount of improvement in visual fidelity. Makes you look forward to what's in store for the future.

Can't wait for Tue.

badz1493263d ago

they took the scene during WWII on BFBC2 (which until this day I see as a better looking BF1943) and compared it with the modern one in BF3! FAIL! lol

Hufandpuf3263d ago

And people said BF3 looks just like BFBC2!? They crazy.


Agreed...BFBC2 looked great no doubt, but just like WorldGamer said, the visual fidelity has been improved for sure.

GraveLord3263d ago

I don't think they ever said the graphics were the same......

Hazmat133263d ago

please gamefly dont fail me!!!

DeFFeR3263d ago

SP only? or will you get an online pass?

ginsunuva3263d ago

Hahaha gamefly users; they thought the system was as ideal as the concept seems.

badz1493263d ago

but seems like it's not for long now!

kcuthbertson3263d ago

I'm a gamefly user and it doesn't really bother me...

Sure it'd be sweet if I didn't need an online pass, but I've been able to play every big release so far this fall and I've paid $80...So far I've played and beaten:

LA Noire
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
Shadow of the Colussus & ICO
Dark Souls

I'm Playing:
Arkham City

In the mail:

In my Q:
Uncharted 3

If I would have bought all those games it would have cost me over $500..

To me it's worth it that I might have to spend $10 to get an online pass every now and then.

I can see how some people wouldn't like it, but to me it's an awesome deal.

AO1JMM3263d ago

I like BFBC2 and think it looked great but I cannot wait to see what BF3 has to offer.