Five Reasons Batman: Arkham City is the Best Game of this Generation

PlanetXbox360: "Whether you're a comic fan or not, it's hard to deny how awesome DC Comic's Batman universe is. With at plethora of supporting characters, villains and the Caped Crusader himself there is so much to love about the world of Batman. That is why Rocksteady's followup to the breakout success Arkham Asylum is hands down the best game of this generation.

Don't believe us? Here are five compelling reasons that Batman: Arkham City takes the cake..."

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DaThreats2554d ago

I agree it has the best cast of characters

Iroquois_Pliskin2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

it would if it wasnt for the DLC bullcrap, i mean imagine if all the costumes were unlockable in-game for doing certain tasks like in RDR

BaneWilliams2554d ago

Review wise, that isn't something you can take into account. If you did, the pitchforks would be pulled out in an instant.

It's like reviewing a book and saying 'it's a pity it didn't come with all the covers'

Or a movie and being 'pity I had to pay extra to get 3D glasses'

Thatguy-3102554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Best game of this generation on the xbox then yea but to put it up against uncharted 2,lbp and uncharted 3O.o I don't think so...its the best superhero game of all time ill give it that but at the same time the super hero genre isn't that competetive .let's just leave at its a good game :) PLus this gen is far from over.

zero_gamer2554d ago

Have you actually played Uncharted 3? Why are people quick to put game they've actually never played before on a pedestal? Oh, it's a SONY game? Oh, ok. That explains it all.

Thatguy-3102554d ago


If you want to think that then go ahead...thinking that UC 3 will be mediocre makes you plain dumb..It's a game that's made by Naughty Gods plus its a follow up to one of the best games this Gen. So its a definite that it won't disappoint believe me. Have you seen the plethora of clips that's out for that game? There is a reason to praise it.

zero_gamer2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Nobody said UC3 will be mediocre, you said it is better than AC, which at most you've only played the one. You're judging the game you've never ONCE played solely by the studio that created it? Really? zOMG MASS EFECT 3 WIL B TEH BESTEST RPG EVAR CUZ ITS MADE BY TEH BIOWAREZ!!!1!onetwo

Thatguy-3102554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Ehhh maybe but it will have to top skyrim which I highly doubt

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badz1492554d ago

LMAO...that's a good joke! I'm not saying that the game is bad but lets just be honest here! the game is praised like it is because it's a great Hero game in a long time!

gravemaker2554d ago

its not even best in this year

Canary2554d ago

To be fair, this is a REALLY good year.
Arkham City would have dominated at the beginning of the cycle.

Anyway, I'll second the praise for the cast of characters. Well, on the villain side of things. They really make the game worth playing. Batman, himeself, however... is incredibly monodimensional and boring. They don't even try to give him any depth, so unless you go into the game already intimately acquainted with the character and lore, there's really zero appeal.

jbiz3302554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

best in metacritic of the year so far, what else is close? I doubt that this wont win best of the year in the majority of publications this year. Uncharted 3? maybe.. we'll see.

P_Bomb2554d ago

Portal 2 has the same 95 avg. Other games are close as well.

LOGICWINS2554d ago

Sure, its an opinion piece, so its your opinion. Nothing wrong with that.

xPhearR3dx2554d ago

I found AC to be quite boring actually. Too much of "more of the same" for me. Nothing really felt fresh about the game.

antz11042554d ago

The new multiplayer mode was awesome though, that alone worth the price of admission for the next entry.

Brownghost2554d ago

One of the best IPs this generation

Laxman2554d ago

How the hell can people disagree with you on that one?

Brownghost2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

apparently people this gen just want shooters . It has my goty vote

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