Battlefield 3: Five Concerns Before Launch

VGW: Battlefield 3 launches on Tuesday and the hype train is building to a fever pitch as Electronic Arts and DICE hope to pull in a significant amount of attention away from the Call of Duty franchise. Without a doubt, the military shooter is one of the most graphically impressive looking games to be released this year. However, the pre-release reviews are limited to a small selection of outlets, and the game is getting a hefty day one patch. With that in mind, here are our concerns heading into the launch of Battlefield 3.

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HSx93561d ago

I couldn't even count the amount of "concerns" (more like issues) that ACTUALLY happened in almost EVERY COD game before/ right on launch...

Jobesy3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

This article isn't about COD, other than EA/DICE competing against them, so what's your point? Is it to divert the attention elsewhere? Geez, if some of you would take a psych 101 class you'll see how pathetic some here are. Can't there be a discussion without someone being defensive or a fanboy?

OT, I know there will be issues on launch. Between a rushed launch and things being new (Origin/Battlelog) its a given. Question is how long will it take them to get everything running smooth.

superrey193561d ago


You're right the article isn't about cod, but it mentions it a lot and draws direct comparisons to battlefield. So bringing up cod's launch woes is appropriate in this case.

Iroquois_Pliskin3561d ago

i have a question: Will BF3 include any VIP/pass to play online? Im worried because im going to import the game from the US region to play on a EU account.

Janitor3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

"Battlefield 3′s post-launch DLC is a big question mark."

Is this guy retarded? Not only has the first DLC expansion been revealed, but you get it free for pre-ordering.

killyourfm3561d ago

Ok, that's one piece of content. One that's been announced, and is available to people who pre-order. He's talking about regular, compelling content -- not for a month after the release, but for months beyond.

killyourfm3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

@Janitor: Sorry, but hinting at plans and showing your cards are entirely different things. Note that the keyword is "concern" not "DICE *won't* deliver it."

superrey193561d ago

Just because they haven't announced all the dlc like they have for cod, it doesn't mean they aren't planning on it. Everyone knows the cod "formula" so it makes little sense for them to hide anything. Most other developers don't/can't do that.

TooTall193561d ago

You don't have to pre order to get the maps. All launch copies are limited editions.

tmoss7263561d ago

I'm sure DLC won't be an issue. I loved the BC2 DLC, so as long as they keep it like that or better, they should be good. Vietnam was awesome.

2fk3561d ago

BFBC2 DLC was somewhat disappointing until Vietnam DLC came out; THATS what DLC should be like in most shouldnt be just new maps it should have new maps, weapons, and a new mode or it can keep everybody entertained longer

tmoss7263561d ago

I'd rather them fix bugs that they might have missed early on and balance weapons then roll DLC out like a month after release.

beastgamer3561d ago ShowReplies(1)
RyuDrinksTheDew3561d ago

i wouldnt be worried about post launch DLC.

BF:BC2 had amazing DLC imo.

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