Battlefield 3 Screenshot Compares Xbox 360 HD and Non-HD Texture Packs Graphics to PC

See the big difference between Battlefield 3 without the installed texture pack on Xbox 360

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Chuk52648d ago

"Actually, with the HD texture pack installed, the Xbox 360 stands up quite well to the the PC version. The non-HD version on the other hand, well, let's just hope everyone can install it."


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gamingdroid2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Well, the alternative on other platforms is if you can't install it the result is NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY IT AT ALL!

That said, I think it is glaringly obvious that a new console generation is long over due. Looking forward to seeing the Wii U.

torchic2648d ago

yeah really dude? Wii U? really?

A-Glorious-Dawn2648d ago

Yeah but other platforms allow 3rd party hardware and most people have huge amounts of space available.

I'm not one of them though and if I want this on ps3 I will need to delete some game datas.

MrBeatdown2648d ago

Really? PS3 owners can't play PS3 games?


I'd bet anyone with a hard drive, including all those on 360, would much rather delete something they could easily redownload or re-install than play with low-res textures.

FredEffinChopin2648d ago

Don't mind him, it's his game to subtly troll the PS3 whenever possible. Even though it usually isn't quite as subtle as intended.

BattleAxe2648d ago

The Wii U is going to be such a non-factor when it comes out. Nobody is excited about it, and Nintendo could very go the way of SEGA in a couple years time, unless Apple or Google buys them out.

SilverBullet1292647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

BattleAxe wrote:
"The Wii U is going to be such a non-factor when it comes out. Nobody is excited about it, and Nintendo could very go the way of SEGA in a couple years time, unless Apple or Google buys them out."

Sadly, even though they are trying to move the industry forward with new ideas, I too can see that happening if they don't release new IPs with the Wii U, I have been their fan ever since they started with the NES and I'm getting tired of playing the same old games all the time and using their consoles which aren't even on par as the rest.

On topic: Ya I'm quite surprised at the difference between all 3, I feel sorry for those 360 owners that don't have a HDD since it's nearly impossible for them to install that texture pack. :( Reasons like that though are why I miss the first Xbox console, everyone of them contained a HDD which was really amazing for a console :)

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ATi_Elite2648d ago

The PC version is not set to Ultra!

The 360 is set at it's best so why not the PC?

Bad comparison.

StayStatic2648d ago

Indeed, also the images are set to 630 X 342 so its hard to tell the differance.

Ch1d0r12647d ago

Didn't they say the lowest setting on PC = consoles. Well ill have to settle for the ps version, Good thing i have one of those bad ass Samsung LED tvs. Playing Wii on it even looks good.

Chuk52648d ago

I should clarify. I'm laughing at the part where he hopes people have hdds or else. I'm getting the 360 version and it does look surprisingly good with the hd texture pack.

InNomeDiDio2648d ago

The Screenshots aren't that good to judge. PC and Consoles are day and night. With or without Texture Pack.

50Terabytespersec2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

LMAO LMFAO, what the hell is an HD pack?, this is so stupid to release something like this. I hope they aren't selling it.
First off HD pack this is redundant! HD is 720p native or higher.
Secondly if the textures aren't HD in the first place it is called a patch or update , WHICH reveals that they (developers) never finished the game in the first place and did a lousy Job the first time over with textures!!
From an engineering point of view ..THis is COmplete BS and hype.. like Blast processing or some phoney marketing gimmicks.Get it right the first time idiots!!
If your gonna get an HD update you better have a memory Slot on that 360 for more RAM cause last i checked HD means more RAM for low def 360 and it's limited HD native specs. .
Not some magical pack to update some lousy job the first time out!!!!
I call BS BS on this company!!

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Shackdaddy8362648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Wow. The non Hd pack doesn't even have bars on the luggage rack...

It's a good thing I have enough room on my HD :P

DeFFeR2648d ago

The guns don't have bullets either

dcortz20272648d ago

The game isn't real either. It's just a dream..

AllroundGamer2648d ago

it's like a dream within a dream... :)

Plagasx2648d ago


But can you go deeper?..

Halochampian2647d ago

and look at the guy's shirt. They decided that having two layers of clothing is TOO MUCH!!!

SilverBullet1292647d ago

That is just about the first thing I noticed in that screenshot, sad that it can't even handle that much detail for a person:( Now I can see why Dice was so afriad of showing off this version all along. :(

Still the game will be fun on every console it's released on so graphics shouldn't matter THAT much to people.

NCAzrael2647d ago

I'm surprised nobody has commented on the fact that this is obviously more than just an HD texture pack. There's clearly a difference in the gun models as well, so there will be higher quality models installed as well as higher resolution textures.

Still, it would be nice to see a screenshot of the PC at ultra settings to see a better representation of the difference between the two.

tehgam3r2648d ago

Xbox (and ps3) looks great (for console ports) regardless. DICE you've done a great job.

XDF2648d ago

WOW, looking good with the HD pack on X360.

mrkeith2648d ago

Hmm i wonder what settings the PC version was set on? I got that version. Hoping that my SLI GTX 460 setup can handle this game

KiLLeRCLaM2648d ago

you should be fine with everything on high.. depending on your cpu..

MerkinMax2648d ago

So glad I decided on 2 GTX 560ti's instead of a single GTX 580.

hiredhelp2648d ago

Well i got 560 not ti version mainly cos its overclocked edition and bump up from the ti make card i bought.
However i did buy 2 so got sli i hope can run it in ultra get above 40fps.?

I thoufht played ultra in beta only to find out not actually ultra we got.

mrkeith2648d ago

yeah i got the i7. Those benchmarks are for the beta which isn't the final code. Not sure if i should go by those benchmarks personally since Nvidia had to make specific drivers for it cause it was the alpha code. Im hoping it's way more optimized on the final product.

PirosThe4th2648d ago

I can play on ultra with a single 560ti on the beta... so probably yes

DeFFeR2648d ago

There was no "ultra" in the beta.

hiredhelp2647d ago

when we say about ultra some of us in the beta we talking about the video options in the the game option's you get low medium high then ultra beleave that way round.

SilverBullet1292647d ago

Yup that's the vid card I currently have in my comp and have been surprised how well every game is running so far, sadly I can't SLI since my motherboard only accepts crossfire (ATI's version). It was able to run the beta well enough though so not scared:P

Still if only my family wasn't getting CoD MW3, I would be picking this up day one for the PC, but now have to wait till next year or hopefully X-mas to get it for either PC or PS3.

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