Black Friday 2007: Best Blu-ray, HD DVD Player Deals So Far

Both next-gen disc formats promise to figure prominently as retailers kick off the holiday season with a series of post-Thanksgiving sales this Friday. Here's what's been verified so far. Watch this space for more next-gen player deals as they're revealed. The list within...

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jaja14343987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Ok really what the hell are the BR companies thinking. If nothing else they should at least be trying to bring them into the 250$ range. Or at least offer some kind of movie bundle(PS3)

Never mind which formate you prefer but the cheapest HD player is 320 cheaper than the cheapest BR. Thats an insanely large monetary gap that the BR folks should be trying to close.

But the 80gig with 10 movies is a great deal. Hell if you just count the movies alone you would spend around 250$ So its a great deal, but 500$ thats just still to much money, no matter how fantastic of a deal it is.

Come on BR, earn my love through dollars and cents!