IGN: Brothers in Arms for Wii Interview and First Footage

EA's Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is currrently the best traditional first-person shooter on Wii, but publisher Ubisoft hopes to change all that with the release of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 for Nintendo's console. The title is developed by Gearbox Software and set for a January release. IGN recently caught up with producer Stephen Palmer to learn more about the project.

The interview covers these topics:
- Brothers in Arms Wii cancellation rumor.
- Game controls and sensitivity/customization/layout options.
- Unreal Engine 3 for BIA on Wii rumors.
- The number of included levels.
- How interactive are the environments.
- Target framerate.

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skyclaw4078d ago

what i noticed is that at the end of the video when it shows the box art... there was no wifi logo