Xbox 360 birthday blast - IGN rates the 14 biggest bombs dropped this year

Xbox 360 was born on November 22, 2005. That means it's time to bake a cake, put on silly hats, and sing a song for Microsoft's big white box. It's been one hell of a year for Microsoft, with plenty of ups and only a few downs. To celebrate its second birthday, IGN is taking a look back at some of the biggest stories of the past twelve months.

Of course, talking about high-impact news can put some folks to sleep. For those who have the reading comprehension of a four-year-old, IGN has included some eye-popping graphics. This way you can know the importance of a story without having to read jack squat about it.

Congrats, Xbox 360. You're a year older, a year wiser, and a year sexier.

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The WildAttorney3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

I love my Xbox 360. It's the best purchase I've ever made. What a tremendous gaming experience I've had these past two years. Microsoft has made a lot of products I've not been too fond of, but with the Xbox 360, they truly struck gold. It truly does replace the need for a girlfriend or a social life. Thank you Microsoft!

beoulve3988d ago

replacing social life??? ooh mine... I hope you are being sarcastic.

predator3988d ago

dude i wouldnt go as far a gf mate, dont know what i could do with out sex, get best of everything, thats what i say

The WildAttorney3988d ago

That's the beautiful thing about the Xbox 360. With games like Mass Effect, which have "romance" subplots, I can have a virtual, in-game, girlfriend, and I don't have to spend the $50 on dinner and a movie. Sex is fleeting. Gaming is forever.

beoulve3988d ago

lol now i know you are being sarcastic...

zapass3988d ago

Biotch slapping the xbots is a new form of online gaming that I really appreciate recently. Their arrogance is shrinking by the day, they're almost cute when they come and tell ya "you see I'm no fanboy, I've got both systems now", it's delicious. The cherry on the cake is that we're just beginning, we have years ahead of online (ex)bot slapping with episodic content like: "catch the sucka out of the closet!" or "freeze the sucka before he's 11h refurb for extra style bonus!"

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Sexius Maximus3988d ago

The paragraph says "big white box".... Am I the only one to find that sexy.

Bnet3433988d ago

The games are really damn good, but as an Xbox 360 owner I will admit, the RRoD problem isn't being fixed but at least it is being dealt with.

athlon7703988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Last November '06, I was on the plan to purchase the PS3 when it was delayed (again), but then my friends 360 RROD'd on him. Right as he was getting into Gears of War, it died. Well, being let down on the whole PS3 thing, and really liking the GOW and Burnout for that matter, we hopped in my Truck to Walmart and I purchased a 360. I let him use it while his was being fixed and mine was returned to me before Christmas. Then the PS3 launched and there were good reviews, and bad reviews so I was feeling pretty good about my purchase.

Then, Sony did their first price drop and added the 5 BD movies for free so I picked up the PS3 60gig (mostly for the movies as I have a HDTV and had gotten tired of the poor quality of movies). As it turns out, the same friend during the "live is 5" deal got another RROD. This time he went to Walmart and picked up the Arcade version and will send his broken 360 back to be fixed again.

The 360 is still my main gaming machine as it has a lot of games I like, Burnout Revenge, Ace Combat6, soon will have Mass Effect (hopefully for Christmas), but the PS3 is showing promiss. I know, I am getting a bit off track here, this is about the 360, not the PS3, but stay with me a bit longer...

About one month ago, my stepson said he liked watching me play Marval U. alliance so much that he was going to purchase a 360. I told him I would sell him mine and get a Elite so I could use the HDMI. My new Elite just RROD'd on me yesterday. So it is my turn with this wonderful experiance. PS, this Elite is the new Falcon mobo with the updated chip which is supposed to correct this very issue. Oh well, makes me glad I bought the game Assn. Creed for the PS3!

Maddens Raiders3988d ago

love the honesty if it truly is indeed, but be prepared to be crucified for it brother. That you can be sure of.

Shaka2K63988d ago

Sad to say the least.

but hey atleast it sells more consoles right xbois.

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