The Factions of EndWar - New Screens

War is coming. Three superpowers are on a collision course and each will have their most elite special rapid-deployment forces lead the charge into battle. Highly trained and loaded to the teeth with deadly weapons, these soldiers are set to wage the war to end all wars. Each has its own preferred methods, technology, and philosophy. This is your opportunity to gain intel on the opposition before the brown stuff hits the fan. It's also your chance to start deciding who to support once Ubisoft's ambitious online real-time strategy title releases in 2008.

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InMyOpinion3985d ago

Is it just me or are there tons of war games out at the moment?

MK_Red3985d ago

Sad and true.
Military / War and FPS are the new black(s). Thank God that this one (EndWar), is at least not a FPS.

MK_Red3985d ago

Hope the game has a single player with good story and is not just some online MMO-RTS or something

wAtdaFck3985d ago

A true semi-future modern RTS. Now thats something.

Charlie26883985d ago

Looks pretty interesting :)