Interview: Alexander O. Smith Invites your Questions

Alexander O. Smith is undoubtedly one of the world's top videogame translators. He's most famous for acting as the head English-Japanese translator on Final Fantasy X, Tactics Advance and XII, and is currently working on preliminary translation for other new titles in the FF series.

Other notable highlights of his gaming career include the translations of "Vagrant Story," "Parasite Eve 2," "Front Mission 3rd," "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney," "Star Ocean 3," "Breath of Fire 5," "Ever Blue 2," "Mega Man Battle Network" (1 & 2), "Bloody Roar 3" and translating promotional material for a whopping 230 Sega Titles. Alex has also translated a number of Novels in the "Fullmetal Alchemist" and "The Guin Saga" series as well as translating some Manga.

In addition to all this, Alex translated the English Lyrics for FF9's "Melodies of Life" and wrote the English lyrics for FF10's "Otherworld." In his song-writing credits, he also translated the ending theme lyrics to "Legend of Mana" and has translated several J-Rock/Pop bands music for them. Last but not least, Alex also has talents as a voice director, acting as an assistant director in the voice direction of FFX, FFX-2, and even performs some speaking roles in the latter. Alex is now inviting fan questions as part of the Final Fantasy Festival, a fan celebration of 20 years of Final Fantasy.

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jinn3982d ago

without him we wouldn't have played some of the best games out there. keep up the good work dude!