Is Sony finally getting its PlayStation 3 act together?

Will last month's PS3 price cuts and this week's set of additional announcements help Sony's Playstation gaming platform to hold its own against Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's Wii? The verdicts from analysts are mixed.

Parks Associates analyst Michael Cai disagrees wholeheartedly Enderle Associates principal analyst Rob Enderle about PS3's future.

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Spike474009d ago

we just stop it with these articles.

it's the same crap all the time. "has the ps3 done this" "has sony finally done that" .

seriously, sony has improved, now lets just sit back and see.

Violater4009d ago

Yet for me I saw the tide turn since E3.
And soon it will no longer be fashionable to hate on the PS3 as openly as it has been in the past.

jiggyjay4009d ago

Its not going to stop till the PS3 get decent games. There are a lot of Sony Fanboys roaming around on the net trying to defend and feel good about their console of choice so that's the reason why you get so much of these articles.

beoulve4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

jiggyjay, and there are alot of XBOX 360 fanboys trying to secure their purchase by roaming around the net trying to convince themselves and others that PS3 has no games like you. Keep deluding yourself that, you won't feel that bad.

zapass4009d ago

the games are here dude and you know it's only the beginning of an avalanche. some of us are very bored with online shooters and we do get some valuable entertainment from little dorks who think they're the coolest thing in 2007. shooters used to be fun, before the suckers thought it's hip to jump in. now is the time for us to explore new ideas while the dorks practice their circle strafing with a joypad on XBL and masturbate about how nextgen they are and how great it is to have a company like m$ to create more competition in the industry. For, you have to be the dumbest ass in the universe to support m$ as a means of more competition, even if you're a 15 years old kid.
so you're left with your loud overheating toaster and the only comfort is that there are many dumb asses like you around, feels good to be part of something right?

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Why o why4009d ago

turnaround began at E3 2007

jiggyjay4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

LOL!! Yeah that's why the PS3 is outselling the wii and the 360 combined!! hahah you desperate Sony fanboys are funny! We all knew even before the POS3 launched that it was going to flop! Only the Blind sony fanboys thought it was the greatest thing to come since the invention of porn! The PS3 is doomed.. it was a year late, cost a lot more than its competitors, sony and their arrogance! wow! can't wait till 2010 when the 360 has sold 100 million plus while the PS3 will only be breaking 20 million!!

EDIT-LOL! Yeah wait till next year! we've heard that one before! wait wait wait wait! Wait Wait Wait Wait! yeah keep waiting Sony Fanboys!

The Wood4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )



WOW taken already lol

Salvadore4009d ago

Games are finally starting to appear (HURRAY!!!), but there's still a lot of things which the system is missing.

LeonSKennedy4Life4008d ago

I don't quite understand either.

I mean, it has games, free online, no LAG, and the most open-based community and modable system available.

I'd say it's the best...

With the 360, you're paying to play online, there's LAG online, and you don't have Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Warhawk, Ratchet and Clank, or any of the great upcoming titles...

With the Wii, you just...well...let's not. The Wii will get its just and fair reward in the years to come. Mine is just sitting there...looking at me with a sad face.

DarthTigra 4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

@jiggyjay Your just mad bcuz the 360 has about 2 more good games announced for next year while the ps3 has about 10

Mgs4,killzone2,grand turismo proluge,little big planet,final fansty 13,god of war 3(hopefully),Haze,

solsub4009d ago

What sources does he need? Have you even taken a look at next year's PS3 lineup?

It's looking bloody awesome. That's not to say that the 360 doesn't have some promising titles slated for release next year, but they are NOT as high-profile as the PS3's.

Plain and simple.

ukilnme4009d ago

A high profile game will not amount to anything if the game turns out to be crap or if nobody buys it. The PS3 lineup is high profile to PS3 owners in the same manner that the 360 lineup is high profile to 360 owners. As a PSWii60 owner I will not miss out on anything good.

Plain and simple.

solsub4009d ago

To each his own, buddy.

wind_dragon4009d ago

the only flaw in that argument is that most of these titles have proven themselves successful and will not disappoint...I can GUARANTEE it, especially w/ games like MGS, FF13, and GT5.

bluhefner4009d ago

I disagree with you, in that a big franchise game thats crap won't sell. Many consider Halo 3 as crap and did not live up to the hype but did that stop that from selling? Thats like saying if GTA4 is crap it won't sell, its gonna sell regardless. Big franchises sell units and sony has a lot of them ready to dish out in 08, end of story.

ukilnme4009d ago

Sure there are some that think Halo 3 is crap. Apparently there are millions more that think otherwise. As for the big franchises that Sony has to dish out in '08 I say bring them on as I will not miss out on any of them. I just hope that they sell well because apparently the current software is not selling to well for Sony. The Sony Fanboys need to stop talking big and buy more games on the PS3, end of story.

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Slayer OP4009d ago

Its priced equally with xbox and its got games. What more do you guys want?