Unreal Tournament III for PS3 has gone gold + Shipping dates

Mark Rein announces in the official Epic Games forum that Unreal Tournament for PS3 has been approved by Sony and gone gold in North America.

Rein says the formal announcement should come early next week, and the game should ship to retailers in North American on Monday, December 10th, and show up in stores as early as December 11th.

For PAL territories, specifically UK and Europe, Epic is still working on localization. Rein estimates the game will ship over there early next year in January or February.

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PS3 Limps on and on4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

I was almost sure that it wasn't gonna make it this year.

This makes today a better day.

Violater4889d ago

Was my wallet screaming in pain!!

jiggyjay4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

sure is a lot of shooter on this console! I gurantee this game sells 50k at the most during its first week! PS3 owners don't like shooters! isn't that right PS3 fanboys?

dexterwang4889d ago

arg my wallet is screaming in pain as well! just bought uncharted and mass effect... will be getting UT3 for pc and then for ps3 as well!

gaming heaven is my wallet's hell

The Brave 14889d ago

For me it was either UT3 or Haze this holiday.Since Haze has been delayed ,this is a sure pick for me.

jujunogo4889d ago

Finally a game I really want for my ps3 !!!not saying thiers anything wrong with uncharted,R&C,Cod4,n assasins creed. but i think this is a AAA timed exclusive for the ps3 with a great online and great single player... I look forward to killing you people in UT3! i jus hope this game does what gears of war did for 360 even if its a timed exclusive>>>>>& gt;>> PSN:jujunogo17

stunt2134889d ago

sweet unreal 3 before christmast

Loopy4889d ago

Yup, I love my ps3, but I hate fps.
COD4, Haze, Timeshift, UT3, all of that will never get into my console.

beoulve4889d ago

did you guys sense it???? The FUD of jiggyjay. so obvious, poor guy.

Primetimebt4889d ago

Unlike some of you I already have my haze paid off and my christmas list for my girls just added Unreal Tournament 3 to it.

All I want for christmas

- Unreal Tournament 3


Wallets screaming on pain?

I'm already selling my Xmas tree to buy some more games! xD

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Baba19064889d ago

lucky us in Europe.......... *sigh*

rofldings4889d ago

can't you just import it from the US?

The Wood4889d ago

pity we have to wait though. ill import this for sure. why not


The problem is, will it comes in time for Xmas?

skynidas4889d ago

I cant get in the forums!!

Baba19064889d ago

works here. maybe something wrong with your connection.

sheng long4889d ago

time to purchase a wireless K&M. can't wait!

PS3 Limps on and on4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

It looks like it will be out in December after all. So it paid off. Unlike Haze.

ruibing4889d ago

I still think Haze is on track for December, since Midway delayed UT3 for PS3 in their financial report much like Ubisoft.