Sony Sheds Light On PS3 Rumors

During a conference held last week Sony analysts and representatives clarified rumors and reports about the cut down in PS3 shipments for its November launch.

According to a report filed by Colin Sebastian, an analyst from Lazard Capital Markets, Sony representatives explained the actual breakdown of shipments for the PS3's premium and core units saying that the split between the 60GB with HDMI output units and the 20GB ones will be 80-20 percent respectively.

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badkolo5863d ago

However, due to storage and bandwidth constraints, fully downloadable games and internet browsing won't be made available.
so once agin anohter lie, no browser at launch

DEIx15x85862d ago

Is anyone else confused about how Sony can blame bandwidth issues on the reason for no web browser at launch. Isn't surfing the Internet dependent on your personal Internet speed, nothing to do with Sony's?

Sphinx5862d ago

...but I am interested in seeing how their online service will "look" at TGS, and then how it will truely look and work when the PS3 launches.

Gh0stDrag0n5862d ago

First Microsoft and now Sony... Don't they realize that they could sell all "Premium" systems at a console launch and still not have enough to meet demand? Hardcore gamers do not want "core" systems.

Marriot VP5862d ago

Yah but hardcore gamers who are forced to get a core are forced to pay extra to upgrade.

Captain Tuttle5862d ago

You hit the nail on the head, Paul.

Gh0stDrag0n5862d ago

What is there to upgrade on the "core" PS3?

kewlkat0075862d ago

"However, due to storage and bandwidth constraints, fully downloadable games and internet browsing won't be made available."

Sony gets gamers excited, then the gamers go out to the boards and comment on all this excitment, when in reality it's just another promise broken.

Seems like every week there is something new which it really does not surprise me anymore. I'am still sketchy about this free "online" service untill....

I don't think hardcore gamers will not want to touch the Core system. Why not just come out with premiums for the first launch? If you don't really own an HDTV then it probally does not matter. Then again if your not up to date with the next-Gen gaming which should involve a decent HDTV for your console then your probally not hard-core.

ElementX5862d ago

Microsoft has the largest network with almost unlimited bandwidth. I'm glad I jumped in! No i'm not dissing the PS3, but I won't rush to buy one, either.

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The story is too old to be commented.