Hands-on: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Gamereactor UK

GR-UK sampled the Jedi Inquisitor and their origin world Korriban and writes: "The game has definitely come a long way since we first saw it. The graphics are crisp and strike me as a mix between the art style of The Clone Wars and the more realistic and dark style of the original Knights of the Old Republic titles. I also came away impressed with the voice work. Not only is the game voiced well (I expected no less from Bioware), but the cut scene have been expertly directed, and never feel prolonged. You're getting the story in short concise chunks, which is what you want in an online role playing game. The choices you make add immersion, and when the friendly cute Sith wannabe girl gets slain in front of you after you opted to flirt with her at the start of the game, it means something more to you, and it reminds you just what it means to be bound to the dark side of the force."

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