Xbox 360 hits 57.6 million units shipped, worldwide

Tucked inside Microsoft's latest earnings report for fiscal Q1 2012 comes an updated figure on the worldwide Xbox 360 numbers: 57.6 million shipped. The most recent quarter, ended September 30, accounted for 2.3 million units shipped, a 2.8% decrease from the same period last year. Despite that dip in sales, the Xbox 360 has been the top selling console in the US for the last seven consecutive months, and platform revenue was up 7% thanks to increased Xbox Live revenue.

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StanLee3570d ago

Congratulations to Microsoft on their continued success. I hope they remember it's a supportive and forgiving fanbase that made them successful and don't let their success go to their heads.

evilunklebud3570d ago

A slight dip as well....more xmas specials coming?

Army_of_Darkness3570d ago

That's right folks! We at Microsoft are so crazy now that we are practically giving 360 away! Just buy a laptop, TV, washing machine, vacuum, hand soap, or a pack of condoms and its yours for free! ... Secretary, make sure they are still consIdered sold 360's :)

qwertyz3570d ago

sony has done similar specials before. by a sony vaio get a ps free, buy a sony bravia gat a free ps3 so what are you talking about


but I guess when sony does it there no problem with it right? lol you console fanboys are hypocrites sony and MS do these kinds of deals to boost revenue of other departments

evilunklebud3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You're a pretty funny dude, Army.

Army_of_Darkness3570d ago

Thanks evil-funny-name-guy!

and Qwertyz! you are completely right bro! sony gives out free ps3 when you either buy their tv's or Laptops, but none the less... I'm still waiting for a free PS3 after my pack of condoms purchase, cause those other things are to pricey!

holy shit me bricks with slushy cement! did you just call ME a fanboy?!?! (-_-) m^m

evilunklebud3570d ago


I give you a complement and that is the best you can come up with (funny name guy)? I'm sorry your replies for this thread are used up (probably because of you blatant fanboy-ism) so I will be deprived of your sardonic quips.

zeeshan3569d ago

Good, I love competition. Great job everyone. Nintendo with its Wii, MS with 360 and SONY with Playstation.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

well thats alot better than the first Xbox for sure.

gotgame19853570d ago

yhea almost 40 million better

evilunklebud3570d ago

Good to see..... they have done a good job.....

Bathyj3570d ago

Hey, numbers.
Lets all argue over shipped vs sold again.

testerg353570d ago

Oh you know that will happen.

Rynx3570d ago

oh Bathyj, silly you. You should know that people only argue that when SONY reports their numbers.

We're talking MS here and shipped=sold /s

darthv723570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

there are two types of sold if you think about it. sold to retailers and sold to customers. Retail stores are customers themselves. They have to pay for the inventory they keep in order to sell it to the customer.

People are confusing these with a little known set of numbers called "manufactured". Generally there are far more unit manufactured and awaiting to be sold than what is in the wild (retailers/customers).

So in that, roughly 58 million units sold (yes sold) and probably another several hundred thousand upwards of million waiting to be sold as well. So calculating it all up, MS has "manufactured" well over 60+ million units and counting.

Bathyj3570d ago

haha, Darth, youre doing it and dont even realise. ;)

darthv723570d ago

i just wanted to see how many would actually bite.

3570d ago
gypsygib3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

MS is impressive, they've cemented themselves in the console arena on their second try, not many companies can say that, and many have tried.

And that's despite RROD and charge to play MP. Gears, ME, and Halo 3 were a deadly combo....but Sony did f'up A LOT this gen with the difficulty of developing for PS3, lack of initial games and it's early marketing/price,

Next-gen should be very very interesting as MS lost (arguably all) major exclusives and Sony probably learned from mistakes.

Captain Qwark 93570d ago

sony's only real f*ups this gen was their cocky attitude toward pricing/customer loyatly and being hacked which i dont think is their fault. they have done many more things right but i dont think many people went from sony to ms over pricing....

i think ms success is becuase they too have done many things right, they have a great system with 2 of the most popular shooters, a great if not arguably the best online experience of the three consoles and there constantly updating the consoles dash/os to keep it fresh and up to date with new features.

all of those positives easily outwiegh ms f*ups too which is pretty much only..
RROD ( i got 4 )

losing bioware and bungie could def hurt next gen though as those have been arguably the two most important companies in driving their success before COD and multiplats really took off ( halo's and biowares rpgs were crucial to the first xbox )

gamingdroid3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


"i think ms success is becuase they too have done many things right, they have a great system with 2 of the most popular shooters, a great if not arguably the best online experience of the three consoles and there constantly updating the consoles dash/os to keep it fresh and up to date with new features."

I whole heartedly agree with this. MS business plan has been solid every single time. Beyond the RROD, the Xbox division has done very well.

MS have a razor sharp focus on this.

***losing bioware and bungie could def hurt next gen though as those have been arguably the two most important companies in driving their success before COD and multiplats really took off ( halo's and biowares rpgs were crucial to the first xbox )***

I would say, yes and no. A studio is only as good as it's last game, meaning we don't really know if the next game will be accepted by the public. Plenty of studios go from being great game released to completely loosing it on the next. It's a combination of what is on the market and how far ahead the current studio is....

Captain Qwark 93570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


yeah putting it that way i would have to agree with you. we have seen many once great studios fall with Rare being the best example, and its not even that they had bad games ( big fan of nuts and bolts ) but they were not accepted by the public...they helped push snes and n64 and even nes with some toads but fell flat after 64....

i would be willing to bet that bungie will be the next to fall, halo will be there legacy...

and now that their with ea, bioware seems to be changing alot as a company, DA2 was a turd, but its a single blemmish on an otherwise near perfect track record. hopefully though they learned from that mistake.

on that note, it would def have helped them though to have another great bioware exclusive at the launch of the new xbox or even if they would have kept the ME series xbox exclusive, but your right i suppose its def not critical, companies make triple A titles out of nowhere often ( batman AA )

gamingdroid3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I think MS lost two great companies, being unable to keep Bungie and Bioware. However, Bungie has never made any other games that I remember. I must say though, the amount of innovation they put into especially Halo 3, was remarkable so I expect great things from them. However, there is just no guarantee.

Bioware has almost an unblemished record and I would hardly say DA2 was a poor game. It wasn't just a 90+ game, but it was well above average.

I think MS should have bought Bioware, but I don't think it was possible due to the KOTR. Buying up a multi-platform studio is very difficult because part of the value is in the multi-platform business generating profit. You are essentially throwing away a chunk of existing business.

I think Sony's approach of buying smaller studios that have worked with the company for a long time is excellent! I must give them credit for that and it seems MS is following suite with Twisted Pixel purchase.

EA bought Bioware likely due to a need to enter the MMO business and to compete with Activision and their merger with Blizzard so that made sense, but I'm saddened by that choice. I really don't like EA as they are exceedingly anti-consumer.

In terms of exclusives, yeah spending money on exclusivity is a mutual interest thing. Many believe lack of ownership in IP is bad for platform holder, but reality is that the studio themselves has a bigger interest and stake in making the game better.

Most IPs don't become iconic, like Halo, CoD or Uncharted so you can almost always create new ones and iconic ones can be dragged through the mud like Sonic.

gamingdroid3570d ago

MS gained brand name though and exclusives or new ips can be created on the fly at any time if necessary.

If anything, it will be a much more even situation out of the gate for the two. Ironically, Nintendo is essentially starting where Xbox 360 did with the Wii U.

Sony's scr*w up would have f'ed up any company, but Sony survived due to their strong brand name specifically in Europe and Japan. European's view Sony as a premium brand and well Japan... we already know their preference.

In the US though, Sony brand is considerably weaker and that gave MS the opportunity to make their way in.

iceman063570d ago

I don't really know that the brand name of Sony was the thing that weakened them in the US. If anything, it was the lead that MS had...combined with the surprise that was the Wii. In the end, though, I DO agree that Nintendo is a bit behind with their HD strategy (though they will be fine because they have IP's that sell consoles on name alone). MS will continue to thrive as long as they don't get cocky AND they start to diversify their catalog from within. Sony will remain a major player simply BECAUSE they have so many IP's that have remained exclusive. All in all, gamers will win due to the competition.

KratosGod33570d ago

@ Gamingdroid
WTF!!!! are you talking about???
are you for real???

Captain Qwark 93570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

oh yes and this is what i really meant to say......

sony's few f*ups are the last thing that helped drive ms to where it is now, if anything it was all the successes of sony between this gen and last gen that put ms where it is now. both companies target the same demo and with that in mind there always trying to out do one another, neither console would be where its at now without eachothers succesful accomplishments......

ps2 domintated last gen, ms knew they needed something to truly set it apart, so we got an even better fully integrated xbox live.

becuase xbox lives smashing success we see the birth of psn, complete with many of lives features and for free as sony tries to out do live.

once each console had a fully established network we started seeing system updates, everytime one console adds a new successful feature the other follows but tries to do it better ( say hello to your trophies )

welcome the competition and hope each company is very successful in what they do becuase every time they are, we are the ones who win, when they fail nobody wins we just get another madden.......

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