NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 w/ 3D LightBoost Review

NVIDIA’s GeForce LAN 6, for those that are not already aware, is a massive LAN party with tournaments, prizes and exhibits run by NVIDIA. If that was not cool enough, they are hosting it on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet in Alameda, California!

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LackTrue4K3570d ago

this looks sooo hell of nice, i wish they could tell me if this would work on a ps3 and give me 3D?!

Blaine3570d ago

I think it's PC only. It's 200$ more expensive than the PlayStation 3DTV anyway, which we know will work with the PS3! The PS3DTV is 3 inches smaller, but I wouldn't pay 200$ for the difference. 24" is what I'm playing on now, and it's plenty if you sit close enough!

Baka-akaB3569d ago

At the very least , with the proper nvidia 3dtv play app , it works on compatible 3dtvs