GTA V: Location! Plot! Characters! Guesswork!

Very few games hold as much intrigue before release as a new Grand Theft Auto. The most myopic of clues are pored over relentlessly as part-time detectives/full-time GTA fans try to decipher anything that might lead to some solid information about the next installment. Even something as generic as a logo can conjure up excitement and possible location/character details.

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scotchmouth3565d ago

This article isn't really worth reading. Want endless speculation? Visiting GTAF's V Section will provide that.

StarWolf3563d ago

GTA5 shouldnt get any hype after the boring repetitive GTA4 was. The only fun thing was Cops and Robbers chases online. After exploring the city (in which 95% of the doors are locked) it gets pretty stale.

BiggCMan3563d ago

It's 20 times more fun on PC though with so many mods to download. Still, the game without them is fairly boring, can't deny that.

DeadManMcCarthy3563d ago

agreed its fun on pc but still gets boring fast.

Laxman3563d ago

I agree. I still dont understand how it was so highly rated. I mean, it was pretty good, but its the highest rated this generation, and one of the highest rated games of all time, which I really dont think it deserves.

I understand its just one of those things where people see the GTA title and jump down to worship it, but really, it was not a very good game compared to the last ones. Vice City is still my favourite. IV was too serious and realistic, and if I remember correctly, most people loved GTA not for its realism back in the day.

Bleach3563d ago

GTAIV's perfect scores and it's place in history as the highest rated game this generation should never come into question. The game is a masterpiece. And heres why.

First of all it would have been very easy for Rockstar North to churn out another Vice City or San Andreas but it would have just been stale. Notice how Saints Row 2 did this and fell into complete obscurity. Instead they gave us GTAIV which broke the mold in so many ways. It gave us a compelling, emotionally driven story. Graphics which look better than most games being released now. Incredible licensed music. Hilarious TV shows, radio discussions and internet sites. Amazing DLC that wasn't just fodder but actual stories that answered questions and gave us new ways to experience the city.

GTAIV is a fantastic example of what happens when a developer keeps evolving and avoids stagnating. People wonder why GTAV is taking so long and i would say just look at what they have to top. How can you top a masterpiece? But if there is one thing we can say about Rockstar, it's that they will do it and make games like Saints Row 3 look last gen again.

Undeadwolfy3563d ago

Agreed. Was way to boring and repetitive. They seemed to have gone the route of realism rather than fun gameplay. My favourite GTA is San Andreas. I loved the story and the voice work; customisation of CJ, Cars, gangs. One of my all time top games.

Brownghost3563d ago

Gta complete pack was so worth $12.50. Realistic mods are amazing

Adolph Fitler3563d ago

All the people that put GTA4 down & say it doesn't deserve the great score it received....I'm glad you guys don't score games & there is a reason your not game reviewers...obviously....On saying that, I actually found that the game was great & although I haven't finished it yet (as I have so many games, & still so many to finish), I think it's awesome & deserves all the praise it gets, as nobody has bettered it in all areas of production.

Now while some games have had certain better features & stronger elements in some places, none have taken the kings throne in the open world game stakes. The closest to beating it, & did in many areas than all others attempts is Saints Row 2....this game is sick fun once you actually open a little of it up....... in fact, it took me up to about 18% of the game until I realized how awesomely fun & entertaining the game truly is. I had written it off a fair few times after playing it with a GTA mentality & being used to GTA4's whole interface & gameplay structure....but that was doing myself & the game a major disservice, & after putting it on a week ago with the intention of trading it in if I couldn't get things started (it was pretty much a foregone conclusion in my mind to trade this one), I really got into the game, big time....

And after seeing Saints Row 3 in action, reading previwers playthrough writeups, it's looking like SR3 could be taking GTA's crown, as it has amped up the things that made it better than GTA, as well as fixed the graphical & technical flaws SR2 was synonomous for.

GTA5 needs to do something special to counter SR3, as even if SR3 doesn't quite achieve those 10/10 scores that GTA4 did, it will win many gamers over & take the number 1 open world sandbox game spot, due to it's carefree, over the top, balls out going for broke in the fun stakes attitude...and it's F.U., middle finger up towards storyline is all just the total epitomee of what a videogame should be...Too many games are dependant on so many other variables, that the fun element is either absent, or totally watered down due to too heavy an emphasis on these other features. The COD's & such are perfect examples of this with there campaigns...I mean, I enjoyed MW1's campaign somewhat, but thought the highlight of that series was WAW & all the other MW's & even B.O.'s have been robbed of there campaign souls, & they are not real fun, feel all the same & boring to the point that I find it a chore to keep playing them to completion (B.O.'s I still am yet to finish).

Bleach3563d ago

Saints Row 3 hasn't got a chance in hell of taking GTA's crown. If it sells more and scores higher than GTAIV then ill eat my hat.

One of GTAIV's strongest points was it's innovative multiplayer, Saints Row has all but axed it's multiplayer down to a 2 player co-op mode. This is something for which critics will grade it very harshly.

You can look down your nose and say 'oh lord, not another multiplayer argument' but the fact is GTAIV's multiplayer was fantastic, across GTAIV, The Lost & Damned and Gay Tony it was a much loved feature where you will still find 1000s of people still playing today.

Gamerita3562d ago

GTA 4 was a brilliant game,rockstar games in general are brilliant. i'm a fan

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