What Nintendo may announce on Friday and what it means...

What Nintendo might announce on Friday in their next big 3DS conference and what it could mean for the systems future with Vita coming out on Feb 22nd.
Pokemon. Augmented. Reality. 3D.
Nuff Said.

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Misterhbk4250d ago

It's a nice thought but pokemon gray won't have all those upgrades. It'll be exactly what it sounds like, a combination of black and white. All legendaries and exclusive pokemon plus one extra legendary? That's about it. The third edition in a series of pokemon games (emerald, platinum) never really adds new features tbh.

TheEatingVodka4249d ago

LOL exactly..
That's what I replied in his site

DoomTater4249d ago

Emerald and Platinum added the Battle Frontier and that added tons of extra gameplay right there.

Darth Stewie4249d ago

They will probably announce a 3DS Lite or something that has to do with Skyward Sword.
I still wish they would announce Pokemon Snap 2.

TheEatingVodka4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

You really think they'd announce a 3DS Lite 6 months after the original one? LOOOL
Instead of just saying stuff go to wikipedia and see how long it took Nintenndo to come up with a lite version of the original DS..

LOLOOL not a credible source for what? I just wanted you to see the release date of the DS Lite opposed to the release date of the original one..

Darth Stewie4249d ago

Yup they could announce a 3DS Lite 6 months later because if somebody said Nintendo would drop the price by $80 and reveal a second analog stick less than 6 months after it launched you would have said BS. BTW Wikipedia is not a credible source.

Darth Stewie4249d ago

The DS did not struggle at its launch price and had a better line up compared to the 3DS thats the difference.

Baka-akaB4249d ago

except that now the 3ds is back and selling better and better .

it would be a suicide to annonce a new model so early .

Khordchange4249d ago

Except the Ds did have a price in its first year, about 40 dollars. Look it up

MasterCornholio4249d ago

Lol it will take a lot more than glassless 3D and Pokemon to take down the vita. Just deal with it Sony did a fantastic job with the vita and it will be a hit.


eagle214249d ago

Nintendo has nothing to prove, they are the ones to beat.....not the other way around. Nintendo (and it's handhelds) made all my top 10 handheld games of all time. Can't wait to see this generation add more.

--Onilink--4249d ago

funny how you seem to know how and unreleased handheld will do. You probably dont remember (or just choose to) but this scenario is EXACTLY THE SAME as the DS vs PSP. One more powerful, website editors drooling for it and when they came out PSP dissapointed the 1st years and the DS took off after a slow start.

Im not saying the future will be the same, because unlike you, i dont pretend to know how things will happen

MasterCornholio4248d ago

The PSP sold 70 million units. That's a terrible example of a failed handheld. You should have used the Virtua Boy, Gamegear, Neo Geo Pocket or NGage as failures.


--Onilink--4248d ago


When did i say in my post that the PSP is a failure???

i just said that when the PSP came out it dissapointed despite looking much better than the DS. And in the end the DS did much better than the PSP, not that the PSP didnt pick up later in its life, because its doing pretty well right now.

My point is simply that you are assuming that because the Vita is technically superior to the 3DS, that the 3DS doesnt stand a chance, and that was exactly the same type of thinking some people had when the previous gen came out, and the DS turned out to be the better console in terms of sales

CDbiggen4249d ago

Why was this this approved after the conference had happened?

yabhero4248d ago

The naming is bad, its really... " what pokemon 3ds could be like"

GraveLord4249d ago

They didn't announce anything.(Yes, it happened already) Just reminding people of how great the 3DS and telling them that Mario Kart is finally coming out. Not really worth a conference IMO.