Battlefield 3 Midnight Release Details

Find out if a store near you is opening at midnight for the launch of Battlefield 3.

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chriski3333567d ago

damn right mid nite release i shall be there

SITH3567d ago

I can't wait for midnight release. I am getting in line early for this puppy, chair and all!

Virus2013567d ago

I'll be at my house downloading it digitally through Origins.

Flavor3567d ago

Yeah... actually it will already be preloaded.. in fact, waiting on line at midnight will just ensure you are not among the first to play.

But traditions die hard, just like the horse and buggy.

TitanUp3567d ago

if we go at 10 do we really get to purchase the game sooner?

Virus2013567d ago

I don't know about best buy but if you live in the U.S and go to GameStop you can go around 10 and buy the game. However they will not give you the game until midnight. So you basically just pay early and wait there until 12am.

Source: I use to work at GameStop.

TitanUp3567d ago

gamestop was what i was asking about anyways i think ill just go there at 11:30

GirlsGeneration3566d ago

I'll be getting it at midnight can't wait!