Dead or Alive 3 joins Xbox Live download list

From "Dead or Alive 3 seems set to be one the first original Xbox games to be made available to download over Xbox Live, according to the PEGI website.

According to the latest ratings published by the pan-European age rating board, Team Ninja's beat-'em-up has been listed as an online game (essentially, one that requires an internet connection in order to access it – which includes downloadable games), and has been cleared for ages 16 and above."

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PS360WII3984d ago

This is the best version ^^. A whole lot better then DOA4 IMO that is, dang disclaimer.

SDS Overfiend3984d ago

this one was way better than 4 and the backgrounds are way better.

Voice of Reason3984d ago

3 was always my favourite game in the series.

Kinda feel in the mood to play it again now...

BIoodmask3984d ago

more quality titles to XBLM. I do agree that part 3 was the best. However, I do like how they made the counter system more difficult to use in part 4. IMO it was way too easy in the first 3 games.

SIX3984d ago

Do you guys see how competition can benefit gamers. If Sony didn't do this with Tekken we might never have seen this happen on 360.

Brainiac 83984d ago

But my only problem with it is that they won't be changing anything in the original XBOX games...which means no Online vs...which would be awesome for this game.

Truly the best of the DOA series.

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The story is too old to be commented.