PSM3 Blog. Blu-ray: who cares?

PSM3, the UK PS3 Mag, gives its 2 pennies worth on blu-ray.

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Itachi3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Blu ray is worth it for games bigger storage

anyway if HD-DVD wins sony will just release a firmware upgrade so that you can watch hd-dvds just like dual players blue diode laser reads HD-DVDS

BrianC62343984d ago

I can't believe someone would be so stupid. He sure can't see more than three months into the future. Anyone with a brain can see Blu-ray will be huge in a year. Developers are already complaining about DVD. How can anyone say Blu-ray doesn't matter? If you want HD graphics and sound today you need more than DVD.

xplosneer3985d ago

When they said it only looks better than DVD-but not by much.
Ever think about other features, and yes, it does look a lot better.

Antiomo3984d ago

If you cant afford it you tend to move away saying 2nd best is all you need.

Im sorry but its like cars.... a car is a car does it matter.

Im pretty sure those individuals who buy bmw's or mercedes will not be as happy with a civic or accord.

eagle213985d ago

Blu Ray and HD dvd have supreme relevance in about 6 months.

d3l33t3985d ago

Yes, I care. Blu ray + 1080p + 7.1 surround sound = me getting laid 1/2 the time...

Wytche3985d ago

You made me laugh so bubbles for you!

The Real Joker3985d ago

Funny. I have Blu ray, 7.1 and 1080p and I can't get laid. I am not sure why. These are a couple of pictures of me.

d3l33t3985d ago

HAHA did you read that Fabio and George Clooney got in a yelling match a couple weeks back? I have my money on Fabio!

cmrbe3985d ago

I should care as well LOL

gamesblow3985d ago

Even Funnier, Fabio said "George started his career on ER and that's where I was about to send him" <Classic! Fabio is a cool kat.

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Dogswithguns3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

might as well go back to the VHS. VHS is still good.(sarcastic, sarcastic).

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The story is too old to be commented.