Payday: The Heist PS3 Review (GiantBomb)

Alex Navarro writes: Payday: The Heist is probably the closest we'll ever get to Heat: The Game, and that's a bit depressing. To be more accurate, Payday is basically The Best Part of Heat: Done as a Game With Middling Results. Payday is about heists, often heists very similar to those seen in Michael Mann's Los Angeles crime classic. Four players get together, take down a bank, or a jewelry exchange, or a cash-flush meth lab, fending off waves of cops and rival criminals while achieving specific, randomly-generated objectives. It's a neat idea that could be amazing were it more rich in atmosphere, storytelling, and excitement. Sadly, Overkill Software's game is lacking in all of these things. There are moments of multiplayer thrill to be had here, but they're infrequent, and sometimes tough to get to.

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kamakaz3md3573d ago

more like a 4/5 but I dont use a 5 star rating, it doesnt do a review justice. 8/10 in my book.. the game had me hooked for a good 30 minutes...

Tachyon_Nova3573d ago

I'm sensing that he's a troll, trying to make out that PS3 fans are easily impressed.

newleaf3573d ago

Wow! 30 minutes?? Wasn't your family worried about you?? How did you finally pry yourself away?

Bathyj3573d ago

Ahh, the inevitable "Heat" comparison.

What if I'm a total screw up at shooters, is the game more Dog Day Afternoon?

Kaos_Vll3573d ago

I don't know what this guy is going on about but I'd urge EVERYONE to try the demo and judge for themselves. The game is really fun with real people and isn't that the point of gaming? To have fun?

Of course the game has flaws and could use a little more tweaking, but to completely write off this game because it doesn't measure up to a MS exclusive is silly.

If this was an xbl title the scores would be thru the roof. It's a fun game with loads of upgrades and it's getting knocked because it references some great movies and doesn't play out like a valve game? WOW.