Are we getting closer to next gen consoles?

Are signs pointing to the next gen? What do you think?

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xX_Altair_Xx3570d ago

I really hope Sony/MS take advantage of the 22nm CPU/28nm GPU transition. Get some of that new tech in there!!!

Shadowaste3570d ago

It's coming Holiday 2012 or sooner 100% for sure.

Wii U April 2012
NextBox Oct.-Nov. 2012
PS4 Oct. 2012- Mar. 2013

That's the truth!

SH0CKW4VE3570d ago

Welcome back to the present time traveller!

JokesOnYou3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Well I hope so, nothings better than the 1st time when I get to open the box of a brand new next gen console.

vvvvv lol, @ Bathyj

Fox_Mamba3570d ago

Wii U November 2012
XBox 720 Summer 2013
PS4 November 2013 or Febuary 2014

This seems more likely than anything.

Bathyj3570d ago

No, they are actually unresearching technology and forgetting R&D they have already done?

What kind of question is that, of course were getting closer, by virtue of the fact we're not getting further away.

Hockeydud193570d ago

Yea, but usually the signs are a bit clearer than they are right now. It's late in the life cycle and we've heard rumors and a lot of developers saying we don't need them. Now all of a sudden developers are changing their minds as they put out their latest games. They could be a few years off or they could come out next year. Nobody really knows?

Drake1173570d ago

Lol Common sense for the win. No Sh*t we are getting closer.

kneon3570d ago

A disagree? Apparently someone is traveling the wrong way through time as unlike the rest of they aren't getting closer to the next gen :)

NegativeCreepWA3570d ago

We'll find out at the next E3 I bet.

jbiz3303570d ago

i could care less. im loving the games out now.

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The story is too old to be commented.