Dice- Beta Feedback: How You Helped Shape Battlefield 3’s Multiplayer

Tommy Rydling: "On behalf of the entire team at DICE, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who played and participated in our Battlefield 3 Open Beta. The information that we’ve gathered from your play time is invaluable. It will help to make Battlefield 3 even better!

But it’s not all network load balancing and matchmaking algorithms; When it comes to data, the real star is you! Just look at these killer numbers we pulled down from all of you PS3 players:"

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NewMonday3564d ago

Wow! The 8 million users number is from the PS3 only, I thought it was thee total from all platforms, this will seriously give CoD a MW3 a run for it's money.

Fil1013564d ago

Think this maybe the fact that activision came out last year not long after blops released and admitted that X360 was there main platform, and it showed BADLY, and I can't see MW3 being any differant. I'm done with COD REHASHES, I traded my blops in about a month after release it was near non playable for BFBC2 and holy shit I couldn't beleave i'd missed out on the BF franchise, not anymore though BF all the way for me from now on

Virus2013564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Lol. It was 8 million people who played the beta(Ps3+360+PC). I played the beat on all three platforms and received that same email showing me the stats of everyone who played the Beta.


NewMonday3564d ago

Hmm, true from the link, I guss they are playing lip service in the PS3 blog, 8m on all platforms is still impressive thou

GraveLord3564d ago

Yeah they are. But EA is making them release an incomplete game.(Day 1 patch, telling reviewers not to review the game until the patch is out)

So are you ok with that?
You gamers need to stand up to EA. Show them you won't support unfinished products. That's the only way they will learn.

DigitalxPiracy3564d ago

If it's getting patched on day one what fucking difference does it make?

LakerGamerEnthusiast3564d ago

wtf ? why the fuck wud be stand up 2 EA after all they have done for us? and that day 1 patch aint bad, games wud not get shipped 2 retailers had they implemented that patch into the game and there wud not be enough time 2 ship the game around the world. there then wud be a delay..

Kran3564d ago

But how late was our feedback?

lsujester3564d ago

635.6 meters? Didn't realize there was even an area to see that far.

Spenok3564d ago

Maybe it was a lucky shot from the beginning of metro, to the end.

Just aimed real high, and the bullet fell on someone spawning near the last M-Com xD

Az1mov3564d ago

That was on Caspian Border probably.

Urbz78703564d ago

No thank you Dice for making a beast ass game :D!