Pumped About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Take A Look At These Two Huge Vids

Below you can watch gameplay from the recent US vs. Europe match. After the jump you can find another video featuring more gameplay with an interview with VALVe's Chet Faliszek.

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RankFTW3564d ago

Looks awesome and can't wait for it to come out. I play CS:S every day and am a huge fan of the game since the original alpha build back in the 90's.

DtotheRoc3561d ago

now see i find this a little disappointing. sure the game looks pretty good but it's basically just the normal counterstrike with like new menus, weapon skins, added a decoy and a moltov and even though all that is really cool, if every map layout is the same as in css, how are we going to allow for players who don't really remember how to play a fair share of the game? personally i've been on consoles far too long that what skill i had at counter-strike is pretty much long gone lol. i play cod4 search all the time as that seems to be the dumbed-down more simple version of couunterstrike. again though same map layout is going to give vets SUCH a STEEP advantage over newcomers which will split up the community big time i have the feeling.