Origin Tries To Be More Like Steam Introducing Its Cloud Storage Beta For Game Saves

Origin released a client update to version 8.3 today introducing the cloud storage beta similar to Steam and PSN’s cloud saving system just in time for Battlefield 3. Storage in the beta is limited to PSN’s paid for limit of 100 MB with PSN Plus while Steam’s free storage is seemingly unlimited as long as you have the game for each save connected using Steam Play.

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ATi_Elite3570d ago

Origin can burn in hell for all i care!

I use Steam cause Steam is Gamer friendly first, then Indie and Dev Friendly, then they think about money only after making sure Gamers Indie and Devs are happy again!

Aggesan3570d ago

Steam is nice, but its still just a business. U talk about it like its santa claus.

caboose323570d ago

It sort of is like santa claus.

Pro_TactX3570d ago

With the ridiculous amount of sales on the Steam service, some of which are upwards of 90% off, it is clear to me that Santa Clause is involved in the process somewhere.

evrfighter3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You've seen gabe newell. throw a white beard on him and a red suit and you have your proof.

you didn't expect santa claus to build wooden horses and trains forever did you?

I have Origin on my pc already but since the beta ended it's never went on once afterward. EA is fighting a losing battle. once people stop playing bf3 Origin is pointless.

and Tony P is right. I've been sayin it for years too since everyone was on their sack about how they care now. EA is just waiting for a chance to nickel and dime you for all you're worth. They want in on pc gamer's good graces after they saw how we took care of steam. Once they get in the industry changes in their favor.

so keep them out.

ATi_Elite3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

With the amount of FREE games, FREE 2 Play Games, FREE hats, coffee cups, T-shirts, and other swag I've gotten from Steam I would say Steam is Santa Clause.

Hell where do you think Santa Claus gets his gifts from? Steam of course!

Looks like you will be getting Coal this year in your stocking....Coal manufactured by Origin!

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Tony P3570d ago

I can't support Origin on principle.

Valve has had it's bad spots, but overall, they've done a lot more to TRY to satisfy their customer base than EA ever has in it's entire history.

I do not trust publishers not to dick us over, especially these days when they basically control the industry. If EA's Origin is indeed trying to be the new Steam, we *will* get screwed somewhere down the line.

That imo is inevitable.

Fishy Fingers3570d ago

Cant we just report the actual news without the silly comparisons.

Either way, it's always nice to have a back-up on stuff like saves. It's pretty much becoming a standard feature these days, with even your iphone now trying to be MORE LIKE STEAM!!!!!

AndrewE3570d ago

the comparisons are hard to ignore.

Fishy Fingers3570d ago

And we wouldnt want to run the risk of missing a few hits now would we.

AndrewE3570d ago

i love hits. especially golden oldies on the radio.

NYC_Gamer3570d ago

well,i'm still not going to use this service.

GamerSciz3570d ago

You have to if you are playing on PC. Which I am so I am forced to but during the beta I didn't have too much trouble with it.

HammockGames3570d ago

Completely understandable. Steam is really where it's at, and they're the undisputed heavyweight champ in the PC ring.

I'm willing to give Origin a chance to grow and prove that they belong. But I doubt I'll be using it either in the near future.

Where Origin will pale is in comparison to Steam, feature for feature. Best case, they're able to provide matching features and pricing, which I doubt they can (and indie support is a whole 'nother issue). But Valve is always evolving and very innovative (not to mention their insane sales) - I doubt EA will be able to keep up the pace - they have a lot to learn about running a digital distribution service.

gamernova3570d ago

I use origin for FIFA 12 so it's nice that services are going cloud now.

narked3570d ago

yep I think it's a good service. they just launched it, steam has been there for ages and I think that steam is a very strong product. but come on give origin some chance

gamernova3570d ago

I agree. New products really have to prove themselves and I really think EA did a horrible job in the past because I have been a victim of their poor customer service. However, they have been doing better now. I think they deserve a second chance on my part and this competition between digital distribution services can only benefit us buyers although EA has a long way to go to even get half as good as steam.

StealthyRay3570d ago

I got no choice but to use Origin - BF3 and Mass Effect 3 are coming (I expect ME3 won't be available in Steam).

If anybody does not want to run Origin and Steam at the same time, it's as simple as logging off from any one of them. It's a little inconvinient but nothing life threatening. For now I will treat Steam as my primary and keep Origin off unless I want to play some game on it.

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