Review: The Baconing (This Is My Joystick)

The oddest thing about The Baconing (aside from its name, of course) is the omission of the DeathSpank name from the title. It’s almost as if EA wanted to rebrand and start anew with the series, even though, The Baconing starts almost immediately after the events of Throngs of Virtue. The game has been made stand-alone enough that you will be able to follow what’s going on, but part of the appeal of DeathSpank is having some familiarity with his character, and, you know, the whole premise of the Baconing is largely to do with the events that occurred in the second game.

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NukaCola2553d ago

I love this game, but it wasn't as innovating and I can see how people can tire of a series if it's not growing. This game isn't a step back but after 3 titles, not taking a step forward is an issue. Id give it a 7/10 but that's because I love the DeathSpank games. The first two are 10s for me...Ok I am going biased for DS:TBac its an 8 at least for me.