UT3 Gets 9/10 from GameDaily

One of the best competitive shooting series returns for another installment in Unreal Tournament III. Like games past, the latest Unreal features spectacular graphics, highly sophisticated artificial intelligence and extremely fast paced gameplay. Of course, all these fantastic features have somewhat unreal system requirements, but that's to be expected from high-end shooters. Using a wide variety of weapons, players can battle it out against each other or very competitive bots in speedy gunfights.

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MK_Red3984d ago

I don't get. UT3 looks stunning, has unmatched multiplayer with insane variety, has a decent singleplayer and story and technically is a masterpiece. Why it's getting 8s and 9s while Halo 3 and Gears of War (360) got 10s is beyond me.

Charlie26883984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

I am also surprised its not getting incredibly high score considering the HUGE improvment from UT04 and that one got VERY good scores, but to answer the second part its cuz compared to those other 2 titles UT3 doesn't appear to be riding the extreme hype train...hell UT3 doesnt even seem to be riding the economic class hype train since there arent a lot of adds for the game and they never were and I know a CRAP load of people that don't even know the game is already out and the ULTRA slow reviews are not helping >.>

MK_Red3984d ago

Superb and bubble worthy comment and points.
Even some of the diehard fans of UT2004 don't know this one's out and there is almost no hype for it. Also, as you said, the reviews are really slow whereas for games like Uncharted, Mass Effect and Assassins, we had reviews long before the games were out. UT3 is out and still there are only a handfull of reviews.
If UT3 had the hype of Halo 3 and other hype-heavy titles, it could have earned many 10/10s.

n_n3984d ago

it's not a 360 exclusive. that alone gives a point or two to any games score these days. halo does belong in the Guiness Book of World records as the most over rated, over hyped, over marketed game in history.

Marona3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

What? :| I can play UTIII on my crappy Pc with it's minimum requirements and the game runs smoothly for me.

MK_Red3984d ago

Agreed. They talk a lot about requirements but UT games have always been easy on old systems and looked actually good for them.

Real gamer 4 life3984d ago

Man i hope this game make it to the ps3 this year. i really do

MK_Red3984d ago

Agreed for 2 reasons:
1.Even though the game (At least the demo) didn't kill my system, I want to play it with super high graphics and my PC can't do it.
2.With possible delay of Haze, PS3 needs a great and exclusive FPS and UT3 could be exactly the one.

King Eric3984d ago

Looks like the PS3 version of UT3 is now scheduled to release Dec. 10th.

n_n3984d ago

going to get it for sure... maybe not on release cause i can't afford 10 games in 1 month, but in January for sure

Double-Edged3984d ago


low sales here. watch

Maddens Raiders3984d ago

So it's your dad who is really Ebenezer Scrooge and your uncle is the Grinch...or visa-versa? Just wondering because you're extending the legacy of blind hate along quite swimmingly.

Who knows...maybe you'll grow up to be the evil dictator of a nuclear powerhouse one day -- Keep it Up! 8D

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