Wonderwallweb Review Blacksite: Area 51

One of the least talked about games being released in November must be Blacksite: Area 51, but will it surprise us all? Wonderwallweb has the answers.

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titntin3984d ago

I may have approved the story but I must heartilly disagree with the review.

This is one of the most derevitive titles I have played on 360. For an audience with games such as GOW, COd4 and Halo 3 to play, a game needs to be miles better than this to make the grade.

A special note needs to go to the cheesy voice overs, there may be a market for this cheese amoung american teenagers, but the rest of us should just be embaressed for this kind of output! All my two cents obviously, please feel free to tell me if you think I'm wrong!

Silver Bull3t3984d ago

I don't think American teenagers like cheesy voice overs any better than teenagers from abroad.


hydrog3984d ago

This is by far one of the biggest POS games i've played to date on the 360. I love my shooters, but this game is just not fun on top of all the technical issues.

It's filled with fail. How they can charge $60 for this thing is beyond me...