Finding The Best PS3 Deals On Black Friday

PS3 Fanboy reports:

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in America. Coming the day after Thanksgiving, it heralds the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and the biggest sales of the year. PS3 fanboys, as you start getting ready for Thanksgiving, let's look at some of the best deals for you to take advantage of.

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games4fun4009d ago

can get these deals this explains why they act the way they do for the black friday sale.

That sucks now i cant get it because i am not a fanboy oh well.

kunark4009d ago

i like the kb toys deal buy 1 get 1 free time to look one up around here hopefully

PLAYWATCH4009d ago

KB Toys DOES NOT carry PS3 nor Xbox360 Games. I just called them to verify. Too bad cuz that was looking good.

narindp4009d ago

when black friday im canadian so i wouldnt know