Critical Reception: Rock Band

After finding worldwide success with the Guitar Hero franchise, developer Harmonix ups the ante with Rock Band, a full-on musical group simulation title. Rock Band comes bundled with a guitar controller, a drumkit, and a microphone, and players are encouraged to form a four-player band consisting of lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

The experience doesn't come cheap, however, and many have wondered if Rock Band and its bevy of included peripheral controllers could be worthy of a price point of $169.99. Judging by its exceptional Metacritic-averaged score of 94 out of 100, reviewers unanimously agree that Rock Band's multiplayer entertainment value more than justifies the asking price.

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thornh3984d ago

you're a PS3 owner who couldn't find a bundle (because EA didn't distribute as many for the PS3) and only purchased the game. Now you're sitting at home watching the looped demo and intro movie, singing into a spoon, kickin' the cat and strummin' your wanker. Thank you Red Octane, MTV, EA, Harmonix, Neversoft and Activision (yeah, I'm blaming everyone) and Happy Freakin' Thanksgiving!

games4fun3984d ago

but your a moron if you dont buy the bundle, playing the drums and all the instruments is what makes rockband awesome not just a guitar if you buy this game just to play the guitar only then that is just stupid with rockband you can get up to four people playing at once and have a great time with your friends i did.

thornh3984d ago

I happen to have been keeping up with the Rock Band news and knew the PS3 bundle would be arriving in very low quantities. I was able to get one of four that my Walmart had. My first comment is, I believe, a general reflection of how an uninformed PS3 owner who did only buy the game would feel right about now. And, just a general feeling towards all publishers and developers involved with the great "incompatability" issue of 2007. People need to get over themselves and work together to make sure the end user is satisfied. Everyone, except those mentioned in my first comment, truly have a Happy Thanksgiving.

G_CodeMonkey3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

My kids argue over who gets to play drums/sing, yet guitar/bass is also fun (just not as exciting). Truly awesome and I even think the graphics are better. Yes, I have GH3 as well (360), but RockBand is just too much fun as a band... This WILL sell PS3/360 systems as families gather over holidays and see it (at least until PS2 comes out). gCM

Question for all: if you already own the RockBand kit (with drums/mic), what will GH4(?) have to do to get you to buy? I don't see families having more than one drum kit in the room... GH4 may have to forgo the custom hardware and just use RockBands...