The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn The Game Review (videogamer)

I'm not sure why I expected something good to come from Ubisoft's The Adventures of Tintin, the tie-in game based on the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson CGI movie. Maybe it's that the film's trailers look gorgeous, or that the footage I've seen of the game suggested it'd be a stylish platformer. It certainly does look stylish at points, but the game is sadly no different to the majority of movie-licensed titles released every year.

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rabidpancakeburglar3564d ago

That's a disappointing score for what seemed to be a good looking game and I don't like the sound of excessive repetitiveness. I'll wait to read more reviews though.

pr0digyZA3564d ago

Yeah must agree it looked like it had a lot of promise. I am a fan of Tintin so I will wait for more scores.

Pintheshadows3564d ago

I will as well. This looked good. I'm a little sad.

aman84r3564d ago

I just love tintin so im going to get it no matter what the score.

jetlian3564d ago

early for a review when the game hits dec 6

Yi-Long3560d ago

... in Holland. Saw it in the stores today.

jetlian3560d ago

we still have a month to go. l just learned about this a few weeks ago