Crysis, four years later on consoles

SG - I’m not here today to write a review for a four-year-old game, only to offer my opinion on how Crytek’s 2007 quasi-open world shooter performs on the platforms that said developers had always stated it could never run on.

So let me be clear as I state this, it is impossible to run Crysis, in its original form, on a console. Porting the game into the more optimized CryEngine 3, however? That’s a different story.

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Megaton3571d ago

Crytek is a clear innovator. While other studios are making HD remakes, they've taken the bold initiative to make an SD remake.

mercilesswarlord3571d ago

Even though I think your comment is hilarious, I'm giving you a disagree along with a funny bubble.

CloseSecond3571d ago

It played and looked great on PS3. Lots of wow moments in terms of the visuals.

mercilesswarlord3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

This was a great game and I hope more developers port their games to consoles.