Six PlayStation 3 Exclusives Which Look Amazing

With Uncharted 3's release getting closer with every passing day, we look back at five of the most beautiful looking PlayStation 3 exclusives mankind has ever been witness to, or at least so we think.

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cyborg3565d ago

looks very good, and much better than Heavy Rain does for sure. Rest is spot on though. Uncharted 3, hopefully, will top every single one of these.

remanutd553565d ago

yea Resistance 3 does look very good indeed

Oldman1003565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

R3 looks great but it isn't that visually impressive (compared to the the other exclusives) at an image quality standpoint when you consider the fact it's running sub hd with an inconsistent application of QAA that just makes things look worse (look at the difference in clarity between cutscene's and actual gameplay).

Compared to killzone 3/uncharted 3/god of war 3/Heavy Rain where they are all running in native 720p with decent AA.

The good news is that the trade off for resolution went towards better particle effects, which is a decent trade off, it's just that overall image quality is impacted.

Forbidden_Darkness3565d ago

Sure, Uncharted and Killzone may have better than Resistance 3, but what makes Resistance 3 Stanford out is its amazing atmosphere. Atleast that's my personal opinion.

CloseSecond3565d ago

R3 falls well short of other PS3 titles in terms of visuals. Jaggies, poor character animation, no character shadow. Honestly, there are better looking multiplatform titles. Heck, after playing through Crysis on PS3 I would say that looks better.

remanutd553565d ago

i would add Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time , Gran Turismo 5
and Motorstorm Apocalypse 3D !!! it looks phenomenal

psb3565d ago

I agree with Gran Turismo 5, that looks near photo-realistic. The others? not so much.

remanutd553565d ago

lol havent you seen Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D ? it looks spectacular and Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time looks very very good too

GrandTheftZamboni3564d ago

I think Tools of Destruction looks better than Crack in Time.

RXL3565d ago

how could they just choose six?

decisions decisions

brettyd3565d ago

This isn't a game you would think of but Socom 4 is actually a very good looking game. Alot of detail and very clean looking. One of the few things Zipper got right.

xXtremeHDGamerXx3565d ago

I would put Motorstorm pacific rift and LittleBigPlanet

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