Microsoft unleashes Live Search - a first look

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft released its Live Search engine late Monday in an effort to catch up with market leaders Google and Yahoo. It is Microsoft's most aggressive move against Google yet and shows promising, unique features. But may not reveal its true potential just yet: Search could become the core tool for a next generation of applications and services.

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Daewoodrow5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

They have their work cut out for them. When you think search, you think Google. There is even the phrase "Google it" when searching for something, which is so mainstream it might have to bring Google to the dictionary as a verb.

You never knwo though. Never underestimate the budget of Microsoft.

Zipperdog5857d ago

Shouldn't this be under the PC catagory?

Marriot VP5857d ago

This will be interesting, competition only benefits the consumer.

I can definately see this becoming the vista homepage for internet explorer. And being tooted a lot if it does in fact walk the walk. I'm very interested to see what they can do, cause google is great.