IGN - 5 Games That Should Be TV Shows

IGN - Movies get turned into TV shows all the time. But what about video games? Here are 5 games we'd like to TiVo someday.

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jony_dols3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

GTA's are already heavily influenced by the TV shows & films from the cities & era's in which they were based.

GTA3 by The Sopranos & Goodfellas,
GTA Vice City by Miami Vice & Scarface,
GTA SA by Boyz in the Hood,
GTA 4 by The Wire & Eastern Promises.

And those are only the tip of the ice-berg, there is multiple other cultural inspirations in each GTA game.

It would be pretty ridiculous to make a TV show based on a video game that itself is a satire of other TV shows & films.

Even though admittedly, I would still watch it!

And in regards to Silent Hill the TV show, I would fear that it would turn into a poor-mans Twin Peaks clone after the first few episodes.

The best candidate out the lot would probably be Spintler Cell the TV show. That would be pretty awesome!