Blast From The Past : Quake II (Or Why RAGE Should Have Learned From Its Forefathers) takes a reverential look back at what made Quake II such an inspirational shooter... and why RAGE should have copied its predecessor more closely.

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes: "I recently powerslid, pop-rocketed and decapitated my way through RAGE: id Software's latest title and their first new IP in years. Cathartic fun though it was, I couldn't help feeling that it was a bastardised version of their older lineup, a brutal and technical shooter with tacked-on gameplay components that the ancient studio simply didn't understand how to use properly. Many of my peers believe that the RPG elements and characterisation weren't fleshed out enough, but I'd argue the the exact opposite. There was far too much busywork and grind getting in the way of your mission... which diluted and distracted from the experience rather than creating an immersive world.

You see, id Software's best shooters didn't need loads of voice acting, a bloated storyline or tedious optional missions to create a believable and terrifying game world. They were great because they no contained no fat whatsoever; just massive empowering guns and plenty of monstrous enemies to reduce into chunky kibbles."

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